Chris Walker talks with Aleisha and Amelia from Artworks Theatre about changes at the venue that will see them open every Thursday to Sunday

Greg Treadwell talks to Waiheke writer Mike Johnson

Greg Treadwell talks to members of the Waiheke Writers group the day after their book launch

Chris Walker talks to Linda Savage and Cindy Peterken from Waiheke Theatre Company about their upcoming two woman play A Breath Of Life

Chris Walker talks to Tahi Carkeek about her Art For Teens programme coming up at the Red Shed in Palm Beach

Chris Walker talks to Alex Stone, coordinator of the Kahui Creative Network, fostering collaboration and promoting the arts on Waiheke

Greg Treadwell talks to Waiheke artist Naawie Tutugoro about her new exhibition Moana Legacy

Patience Scarles presents a Waiheke project interview with local dancer Kit Reilly

Greg Treadwell talks to Nora West about the local online art scene during the covid-19 lockdown.

Waiheke Theatre Company, Artworks Theatre and Waiheke Radio present Talking Heads, a series of audio recordings of the monologues of Alan Bennett, performed and recorded by members of Waiheke Theatre Company. ‘A Lady of letters’ is one of the monologues in Alan Bennetts ‘ Talking Heads’ series. It’s a one woman play produced by Waiheke […]

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