Greg Teadwell talks to Thomas Greve about rescue chickens

Greg Treadwell talks to Kathy Voyles about why political protest and involvement is so important in the current environment

Greg Treadwell talks to Charles Graves from neighbouring island, Rakino

Our final podcast of Season 1 has arrived for your listening pleasure! We talk about Juan’s political platform for the upcoming 2020 race, review a range of biscuits with Big DMT, and contemplate a new slogan for Surfdale. Check out our previous shows: The World According to Juan #1 The World According to Juan #2 […]

Shirin Brown talks to former Waiheke resident, and new resident in Sydney, Seb Cassie about current events in Australia. Sorry the interview ran over time so the recording ends abruptly before the interviews ends.

Shirin Brown talks to kayaker Carl Dickens who recently had a close encounter with an orca off Rakino Island

Shirin Brown previews the forthcoming Italian Film Festival

Shirin Brown talks to a Waiheke family who have recently made the move to living (part-time) on Rakino Island

Shirin Brown talks to Alan Knight about the 2020 Waiheke Homemade Chili Sauce Fest

Greg Treadwell talks to Waiheke brewer Alan Knight about his reflections on 2019 and his predictions for 2020. Alan brews beer so therefore knows a lot about what makes the world spin.

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