Ashley Welsh talks with Ami Cusack

Chris Walker talks to co-chair of the Ngati Paoa Trust Board, Danella Roebeck, and Karla Allies about the Ngati Paoa treaty settlement, Kennedy Point Marina and Ahi Kā.

Chris Walker talks to Emily Māia Weiss and Kaiwai Rhind from Nga Uri O Ngati Paoa about their occupation of Putiki Bay against the Kennedy Point Marina

Chris Walker talks to Sebastian Cassie from Save Kennedy Point about the ruling against their last ditch Supreme Court Appeal against the Kennedy Point Marina

Chris Walker talks to Alan Knight about the Rocky Bay Folk Club, which takes place on the third Weds of every month at Rocky Bay Hall

Harry Salter is back for a third conversation with Ashley Welsh

Ashley Welsh talks with Lalo Sanchez

Ashley Welsh talks with long-standing Waiheke Radio presenter Sandi Bezzant

Ashley Welsh talks with Patience Scarles

Chris Walker talks to Kashmir Postel and Stacey Prestorius from Artworks Theatre about upcoming events. They we’re joined by phone by comedian Simon McKinney

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