Brent Simpson talks to Beatle Treadwell & Jane Scarles from Sister Shout about their upcoming show

Jon Armistead talks to Terence Maskell, head of the Graduate Choir, who are soon to visit and perform on Waiheke Island.

Chris Walker talks to Sarah McNabb, head of music at Waiheke High School. The interview is interspersed with excerpts of Waiheke Radio’s recordings of performances by high school students at Waiheke Library in NZ Music Month

The Waiheke High School Choir, Canto Isola, performed live at Waiheke Library on Saturday 18th May, 2013 as part of the library’s NZ Music Month performance series. The performance was fronted by Waiheke High School head of music, Sarah McNabb. Download podcast (right click, save as)

Jan Scott talks to Linda Savage from Sister Shout Download podcast (right click, save as)

Canto Isolo the senior girls choir at Waiheke High performed two songs at the Waiheke Library as part of New Zealand music month 2011. The first song was Dona Nobis Pacem and the second was Machita (sp?) a native american song. Download podcast. (right click, sweet as!)

Waiheke’s very own V12 male choir celebrated NZ Music Month at our local library with a rousing 30 min performance. Songs, covered some classics from the likes of  Billy Joel, John Lennon and Rufus Wainwright and a great song ‘Song for the Deported’ written by islander Martin Renolds. Great job by the library team for […]

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