Chris Walker talks to Cath Handley, chair of the Waiheke local board about board business during lockdown and the transition to Level 3. Photo credit: Stuff

Greg Treadwell talks to Opinionated Islander Alan Knight and gets his take on the Covid-19 Lockdown. Photo credit: Stuff

Chris Walker talks to Patience Scarles about the Waiheke Project, profiling Waiheke people creating and doing positive things. Also includes the first Waiheke Project interview with Waiheke musician Jemilah

Chris Walker talks to Acting Sgt Raymond Matthews about policing the lockdown on Waiheke Island

Chris Walker talks to Waiheke musician Julion Wright, who is spending the lockdown recording an album

Chris Walker talks to news editor of the Waiheke Gulf News James Belfield

Chris Walker talks to Amelia Lawley from the Waiheke Budgeting Service about the impact of the lockdown

Chris Walker talks to Todd O’Hara, once of the people behind Waiheke Volunteer Connection, putting volunteers in touch with those needing help during the Covid-19 lockdown. Phone (09)889 7661 or visit

Chris Walker talks to Julie Cairns from the Waiheke Health Trust about the islands medical response to Covid-19

Chris Walker talks to Baz Caitcheon, who is writing a song a day during the Covid-19 lockdown

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