MIND DE-CODER 23 ‘Everybody says music is love’.                                        David Crosby JULIAN COPE     KOLLY KIBBER’S BIRTHDAY The mighty Julian cope in full psychedelic mode with this radically different version of the song you’ll find on […]

MIND DE-CODER 22 ”Jimi Hendrix played his cock, man”                                                           Bill Hicks AMON DÜÜL 1     LOVE IS PEACE This track is taken from the album […]

MIND DE-CODER 21 ‘When the ride is over you can go to sleep’ THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA     THE AMERICAN METAPHYSICAL CIRCUS I read somewhere once that, in some lists at least, this is generally regarded as the greatest psychedelic track ever recorded, and I can’t say that I entirely disagree – it […]

MIND DE-CODER 20 “Jus’ lick back de riddim fi I, seen?” JOHHNY CONQUEST     NOR’ EASTER Given that I decided the other day that Mind De-Coder is too white, it’s ironic I should start today’s show with a track that’s virtually Country and Western – more or less the whitest music ever made if […]

MIND DE-CODER 18    “Perhaps we could make the middle darker and maybe the end a bit middle afternoonish.”                              Syd Barrett BEVIS AND TWINK     SONG REMEMBERED Twink, of course, is something of a legend in the English counter-culture, having […]

MIND DE-CODER 16 “I’ve glimpsed, I have tasted, fantastical places…” FREDERICK DELIUS     ONE NIGHT ON A RIVER I don’t know much about your classical music, but I read about this particular piece in Rob Young’s masterful analysis of folk music in the British Isles, ‘Electric Eden – Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music’, in which […]

  MIND DE-CODER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! There is no sanity clause.  HER     PSYCHEDELIC CHRISTMAS Strictly speaking, this is more groovy than psychedelic but it’s not a distinction I particularly wish to labour. HER are one of those bands that don’t seem to exist enough for anyone to know about. This track appears on the […]

MIND DE-CODER 15 ‘(Trocchi)…defended his right to take any drug he chose to take. The murderous behaviour of most modern states –Auschwitz, Katyn, Hirishima, Dresden – having led him to find societies so vicious, any drug that weakened the loyalties they aroused was holy, a blessing.’                   […]

MIND DE-CODER 14 “I’ve hummed this tune to all the girls I’ve known’’                                                                                 Leyland Kirby […]

MIND DE-CODER 13 If there is a Universal Mind, must it be sane?                                                                         Charles Fort JULIAN COPE     […]

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