Greg Treadwell talks to environmentalist Michael TavaresĀ  about environmentalism and New Zealand citizenship

Greg Treadwell talks to environmentalist Rien Achterberg

Save Kennedy Point have made the decision to appeal the granting of consent for the construction of a marina at Kennedy Point. SKP spokespeople Kathy Voyles and Sebastian Cassie spoke to Jon Armistead about the appeal. Please note: Unfortunately the last minutes of this interview were not recorded.

The Radio Hysteric team take a look at positive initiatives being taken to support the earth’s environment, from Waiheke, New Zealand and the world.

August 12, 2018

Jon Armistead talks to environmental campaigner Denise Roche about the announcement of the a ban on single use plastic bags

Earth Optimism is Waiheke Radio’s new environmental show, presented by the Radio Hysteric crew. Special guest – Lindsay Jeffs from Carbon Zero Waiheke.

Chris Walker talks to Mark Russell and Charlie MacLean about the Zero Carbon Bill submission process

Shirin Brown talked to Claire Mummery about plants surviving drought and Winter planting; Claire Weitzel from the Waiheke Environmental Protection Society; and Jennifer Silva on an upcoming midwives group fundraiser Download podcast (right click, save as)

Shirin Brown talks to Reverand Mua Strickson-Pua, Greg Treadwell, and Martini Gotje about current affairs and issues Download podcast (right click, save as)

A chance to listen to a conversation with Susi Newborn as she headed off to Goias in Brasil for the 13th International Environmental Film Festival (at least I think that’s what it’s called!) sound quality is a bit dodgy due to weather affecting the phone lines. The last two minutes are the worst but it’s […]

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