Jon Armistead talked to Lisa Garrity about a new comedy improv event, and he spoke with life coach Linda Anderson about the Waiheke Coaches Collective. Photo credit: Artworks Theatre

Shirin Brown talks to Richard from Ministry of Mirth Download podcast (right click, save as)

New Years Day brings a Scottish themed show. Hamish & Dougal’s Hogmanay and some stand up comedy from Danny Bhoy, Chick Murray and Kevin Bridges . Enjoy. Right click HERE to download podcast

This week we started the serialisation of Bleak Expectations, a cracker spoof of Dickensian proportions. We also headed to Beijing with Giles Wemmbley Hogg (2 M’s 2 G’s) on his gap year travels. Top it all off with a comment from David Mitchell on Beer, and you have another laugh packed hour on Waiheke radio. […]

This week we had a chance to hear some classic comedy from Billy T James on the 20th anniversay of his death. We also heard from Count Arthur Strong on his ready steady left overs and squeezed in a couple fo great comments from David Mitchell on Giraffes and Wales   Right click HERE to […]

This week we’ve a nearly all American show with Robin Williams, Louis Black, Jeff Foxworthy, Tom Lehrer and bringing some Australasian humour to the evening, is John Clarke and Bryan Dawes with their political satire. This week the show has an ‘explicit swearing a plenty‘ rating Right click HERE to download podcast

This weeks comedy show features Laura Solon and an episode from her series ‘Talking And Not Talking’ and then half an hour in the company of Garry Bellamy ‘Down The Line’ Right click HERE to download the podcast

This weeks guests are The News QUiz team and John Clarke & Bryan Dawe. Some of the topics covered were; The price of smokes in New York, MP’s expenses, secret L.A.V airlift, Mark Hotchin & 160% investment, gifts for every occasion and ad of the week. Right click HERE to download the latest podcast¬† ¬† […]

This weeks guests are Nicola Kean & Sean Gillespie in a Skype link up from New York. Some of the topics covered were; The ‘demise’ of NZPA. Writing about Islam in New York. Ethics and Journalism. Christchurch rebuilding. Paul Henry strikes again. Missed the ad of the week and good news story. Did get a […]

This weeks guest is Simon Harvey of BusinessLab.  Some of the topics covered were; Impact of rising oil prices, effects of polar caps melting, what gets used to measure CPI in UK, water the new oil, and once again we managed to squeeze in  an ad of the week and good news story, rescue workers […]

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