This week we’ve a night with the masterful Dara Ó Briain. His irish accent adds to his ability to keep a crowd with him throughout the twists and turns of his thinking and even when he has a go at you you’re still laughing. We’re going back to ov 2010 for his this is the […]

This week is a grab bag of british comedians matt kirshen, ben elton, harry enfield jack docherty julian clary hugh laurie and possibly jo brand as well, we’ll see how time goes. Now content tonight should be ok for a R16 rating And we’re only three weeks away from the next Waiheke Comedy Show at […]

The Waiheke Comedy Show Podcast a mix of Waiheke and nz comedy, international acts, conversations with comedians, insights into how comedians approach stand up and improv including members of the islands very own Waiheke Comedy Show. This week is ladies night! Yep all female comedians on the show and what a line up it is. […]

In this podcast we’ve got our next comedian’s choice with Richard Bull of the Waiheke Comedy Show and the Funnybones. Richard’s pick this week is for the great duo of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. Richard has selected some fabulous sketches for us and we’ll give this weeks show has a PG rating. Tickets are on sale […]

In this podcast we’ve got a line up of 4 comedians who were featuring at the edinburgh comedy festival last year some of whom may well be heading this way for the upcoming nz festival starting next month tonight we’ll be hearing from Richard Herring, Danny Bhoy Brendon Burns and Glenn Wool, not necessarily in […]

This week, the first of our Comedian’s Choice where one of the Waiheke Comedy Show team pick a favourite comedian of theirs and we try and track down some of their material to play.  And it’s the turn of Lisa Garrity who’s chosen …. well, you’ll just have to listen in to find out. I […]

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