MIND DE-CODER HALLOWEEN SPECIAL To listen to the show scroll to the bottom of the page To download the podcast click here For a full tracklisting and more check out the Mind De-Coder blogsite here (EPISODES FROM) THE FIELD BAZAAR     the musgrave ritual (2013) BOARDS OF CANADA     telepath (‘tomorrow’s harvest’, 2013) BUTTHOLE SURFERS     sweat loaf […]

MIND DE-CODER 21 ‘When the ride is over you can go to sleep’ THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA     THE AMERICAN METAPHYSICAL CIRCUS I read somewhere once that, in some lists at least, this is generally regarded as the greatest psychedelic track ever recorded, and I can’t say that I entirely disagree – it […]

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December 12, 2012

MIND DE-CODER 14 “I’ve hummed this tune to all the girls I’ve known’’                                                                                 Leyland Kirby […]

MIND DE-CODER 13 If there is a Universal Mind, must it be sane?                                                                         Charles Fort JULIAN COPE     […]

MIND DE-CODER 20 (22-07-10) “Give us a wink and make me think of you”. FLYING WHITE DOTS     COLOSSAL INTRO Isn’t it, though? Taken from his second album album STARING AT THE SKY, released in 2007, an all-star psychedelic mash-up album, available for free download from PAUL GIOVANNI AND MAGNET     CORN RIGS I was probably […]

MIND DE-CODER 19 (15-07-10) “Hey ho, Here we go, Ever so high…” FRANK ZAPPA     ARE YOU HUNG UP? It’s almost lost amongst all the little threads I pulled together for the introduction to tonight’s show, but there it is, lasting no longer than one minute and twenty four seconds, Are You Hung Up is the […]

MIND DE-CODER 18 “Where did July go? Is it under my pillow?” (18-07-10) PHIL RETROSPECTOR     A THOUSAND SECRETS An uncharcteristically sombre start to the show this evening to mark the season’s turn – a moody, atmospheric mash-up from Phil Retrospector, the best named mash-up artist around . A Thousand Secrets features music by Muse, Leonard […]

MIND DE-CODER 16 (23-06-10) “And thus it came about one bright May morning – I swallowed 4/10ths of a gram of mescalin dissolved in half a glass of water and sat down to await the results…“ TINKERBELL’S FAIRYDUST     LAZY DAYS You know where you are with a name like Tinkerbell’s Fairydust – you can pretty […]

MIND DE-CODER 13 (27-05-10) “I can’t believe you finished the show with Art Garfunkel, Man!” TRACY THORN     RAISE THE ROOF (A BEYOND THE WIZARD’S SLEEVE RE-ANIMATION) A gentle introduction to this evening’s show from Tracy Thorn’s second solo album OUT OF THE WOODS from 2007. This version has been taken round the back of the […]

MIND DE-CODER 12 (20-05-10) “To rally every Black Sheep is my goal” (Julian Cope, 2008) CAROL BATTON     POEM I start the show with an untitled poem (as far as I know) by the poet Carol Batton who, depending on her mood/medication is, by all accounts,  either a winningly eccentric poetic genius, or a genuinely disturbed […]

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