This is it,. The last show for a while and plenty of stories to choose from. Some of the selection is: May Day, THE wedding, what the Fench press were covering, New moves in Christchurch, The great escape… Thanks for listening Right click HERE to download the latest podcast  

This weeks guests are Nicola Kean & Sean Gillespie in a Skype link up from New York. Some of the topics covered were; The ‘demise’ of NZPA. Writing about Islam in New York. Ethics and Journalism. Christchurch rebuilding. Paul Henry strikes again. Missed the ad of the week and good news story. Did get a […]

This weeks guest is Simon Harvey of BusinessLab.  Some of the topics covered were; Impact of rising oil prices, effects of polar caps melting, what gets used to measure CPI in UK, water the new oil, and once again we managed to squeeze in  an ad of the week and good news story, rescue workers […]

This weeks guest, Simon Harvey. Stories ranged from environment, sustainability, local  board, The Hobbit to mini cows, and more! Right Click HERE to download podcast

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