Chris Walker talks to Terry Coe, Auckland Council Waste Enterprise and Refuse Manager, about upcoming changes to the island’s rubbish and recycling services.

Peta Stavelli talks to Kathy Voyles about reducing food waste and the Kai Concious Cafe

Chris Walker talks to Jeremy O’Hanlon from Clean Island about the 10 Ton Project – an initiative aimed at reducing the amount of reusable construction waste going to landfill.¬†

Chris Walker talks to Bea Lorimer and Chardy Parkes about their venture upcycling partially used exercise books into bespoke journals

Chris Walker talks to Sue Philcox, Kelly Philcox and Jan Vale from the Waiheke Historical Society, he’s joined by Opinionated Islanders Alan Knight and Rob Meredith, and he talks to the island Computer Guy about an upcoming e-waste collection

Chris Walker talks to Jennifer Founatin about BYO Bag, an initiative that aims to have Waiheke decalred a one use plastic bag free zone Download podcast (right click, save as)

Our weekly magazine show about Waiheke people, events and issues – brought to you by Placemakers every Sat 10am-12noon. Dione talks to the Recycle Avenger about her campaign to retain community control of Waiheke’s waste management, and she finds out how to cook the perfect roast from Steve the Butcher. Download podcast (right click . […]

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