Ashley Welsh talks to local music legend Aaron Carpenter

Chris Walker talks to Patience Scarles about the Waiheke Project, profiling Waiheke people creating and doing positive things. Also includes the first Waiheke Project interview with Waiheke musician Jemilah

Chris Walker talks to Waiheke musician Julion Wright, who is spending the lockdown recording an album

Chris Walker talks to Baz Caitcheon, who is writing a song a day during the Covid-19 lockdown

Greg Treadwell talks to Jamie, Floss & co, about the Doom & Gloom gig at Rocky Bay

The Electric Bananas played a live set at Waiheke Library on Sat 19 Oct, 2019, in tribute to departing librarian Eledir Seren.

An interview with Waiheke musician Steve Robinson, APRA Silver Scroll winner, award-winning record producer, jingle writer and member of ’70s folk rock band Tamburlaine. Find out more about Steve and Tamburlaine on AudioCulture

Brent Simpson plays an interview from a new Waiheke Radio show WHYradio, produced by Waiheke High School students. This interview is about local high school band, Plunge, and their experience in the Smokefree Rockquest.

Chris Walker to Jamie Stone to preview that night’s gig at Omiha hall

Chris Walker talks to Waiheke musician Miles Gillett about his new project, Cruddy

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