Brent Simpson talks to Kauri Tree protector Michael Tavares, he spoke to poetry festival organiser Jacqueline Taylor, Lomond Brown from the Citizens Advice Bureau gives an update from WICOSS, and Julio, Lucia and Renee talked about an upcoming TedX event to be held on the island

Chris Walker talked to the Opinionated Islanders Alan Knight and Alex Stone, Ewen McLeod and Steve Lopez from the Waiheke Community Gallery’s Artist in Residence programme, Bridget Morgan from Fossil Bay Kindergarten talking about the Harvest Fayre, we heard a song from Steve, Luka and Jacob Edwards, and talked to Dawn Jefferies from WICOSS.

Kristina Paterson talks to Christine about alcoholism, and Emily Parsons from the Village Project Download podcast (right click, save as) 

Kristina Paterson talked to a volunteer from Homegrown Waiheke, Waiheke’s Youth Council rep Mata Roche, Robyn Wilson from WICOSS, Garry Bell from Waiheke Health trust and Di Stodart from Waiheke Library. Download podcast (right click, save as)

Shirin Brown talked to Hera Mohns from WICOSS about the future for Friends of the Street, she spoke to Martini Gotje about legislation that will restrict protest at sea, and she talked to actress Linda Savage. Download podcast (right click, save as)

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December 23, 2012

Emma Bowyer-Warner talks to Landscape Gardener James Kilpatrick and Linda Savage and Linda Smith from Waiheke Island Council of Social Services Download podcast (right click, save as)

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November 26, 2012

Chris Walker talked to Hera Mohns from Waiheke Island Council of Social Services, Caroline Forsyth from the Artworks Tenants Group, discussed the upcoming Christmas Festival with Deputy Chair of the Waiheke Local Board, Jo Holmes, In the Air poetry festival organiser Sue Fitchett and caught up with Di Stodart from Waiheke Library. Download podcast (right […]

Emma Bowyer-Warner talks to Tanya Batt about the Once Upon Our Island film project, Michelle Barber about the Jassy Dean Garden Safari, Jodine Stodart about digital stories, Linda Savage from Waiheke Island Council of Social Services, Rhiannon from Waiheke Library and Carol Weitzel from Theatre of Resistance. Download podcast (right click, save as)

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September 11, 2012

On Saturday the 8th of September Emma Bowyer-Warner talked to Eledir Seren and Kathy Ogletree from Kaleidoscope Perfomance, gardener James Kilpatrick, Roger Bryant from WICOSS, free range egg campaigner Forrest Denize and Mala Somersun, organiser of the Waiheke Island Folk Festival Download podcast (right click, save as)

Jan Scott talks to Jenny Barker of Age Concern re their new service of arranging visitors for the elderly on Waiheke, David Basham about his radio show, Lloyd Whittaker and Peter Robertson about the “Titanic” concert and the Music Museum, an interview recorded by Linda Savage with Levi Hawken, followed by a live interview with […]

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