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    Yep, starting Jan 2nd we’ve got 4 great weeks of  ‘The Sizzling Summer Surf Show’ with music from some of the great surfing movies, interviews with pro surfers, weekly ‘how to surf’ lesson, surf report and not a beach boys song to be heard! Hosted by one of THE great bar surfers to […]

 B-Copy & Bulldogs is on holiday till Jan 30. Keep an ear open for  ‘The Sizzling Summer Surf Show’ which will be surfing the air waves till then 

 Boxing day sees the start of an insiders view of the world of cricket. Dave Podmore, one of the new breed of English cricketers, reveals what it takes to be a modern day cricketer. Sunday 9pm 

 Yep a cracker boxing day special lined up for B- Copy & Bulldogs with a bundle of guests round the kitchen table. This Sunday 10-11am 

 This should be last of the Now in Colour series with us joining the audience heading off into the great outdoors This Sunday 9pm

 Well this week we’re joining the ‘Now In Colour’ audience in a colourthon and a stolen goods roadshow?!. 9pm this Sunday 

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November 25, 2010

 Yes this sunday has us joining the audience of this great comedy sketch show on a trip to the movies and experiencing ping pong replays! Sunday 9pm

Well the BBC are looking to relaunch radio 3 and our spin doctor gurus Prentiss McCabe are first in the door to get the job done. (Or at least get a fistful of cash)  Will our dubious duo find a suitable wheeze yet again? Find out this Sunday 9pm 

Once again the pr whizzes at prentice mccabe take on a challenging project. This time religion gives them a chance for redemption but will they take it? Find out this Sunday 9.00pm    

Last week The Sun Newspaper got the Prentiss McCabe treatment. This week our spin team have a crack at influencing the Mayoralty election. Sounds topical!  

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