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And on this week’s show you heard:   the staves – mexico (mexico ep, 2011) salako – the bird and the bag (musicality, 1999) dando shaft – in the country (an evening with dando shaft, 1970) donovan – legend of a girl child linda (sunshine superman,1966) all about eve – like emily (all about eve, […]

On today’s show you heard music by:   erland and the carnival – the derby ram (erland and the carnival. 2010) duncan browne – journey (duncan browne, 1973) dransfield – it’s dark in here (the fiddler’s dream, 1976) peggy zeitlin – spin spider spin (fuzzy felt folk, 2006) decameron – rock n roll woman (mammoth […]

 SHOW 6 (30-10-11) "All over Waiheke there are besmocked peasant girls recumbant in haystacks with a comely glint in their eyes and pupils the size of saucers". (Martin Reynolds)   SHOW 6 (30-10-11)   fresh maggots – dole song (fresh maggots, 1970) michael head – queen mathilda (the magical world of the strands, 1997) syd […]

 (23-10-11) And on this week’s show you heard: agincourt – though i may be dreaming (fly away, 1970) fresh maggots – spring (fresh maggots, 1970) the sallyangie – midsummer night’s happening (children of the sun, 1969) the imagined village – cum on feel the noize (empire and love, 2010) the gentle good – ocean is […]

 And on this week’s show you heard music by: SHOW 4 (16th OCT. 2011)   the civil wars – barton hollow (barton hollow, 2010) fairport convention – genesis hall (unhalfbricking, 1969)  fresh maggots – rosemary hill (fresh maggots, 1970) graham coxon – look into the light (the spinning top, 2009) bert jansch and john renbourne […]

On this week’s SUNSHINE PLAYROOM you heard:  SHOW 3 (9th OCT. 2011)   joker’s daughter – mind of gold (may cause side effects, 2011) chumbawamba – introduction/voices, that’s all (abcdefg, 2010) ian king – ah robin, gentle robin (panic grass and fever few, 2011) pumajaw – visiting hour pt. 2 (curiosity box, 2008) mellow candle […]

BLACKPOOL MECCA TWISTED WHEEL WIGAN CASINO GOLDEN TORCH THE CATACOMBS CHARLIE FARLEYS  THE NORTHERN SOUL SATURDAY SPECIAL     This Saturday 27th local DJ GLENN SOLO brings you a night of NORTHERN SOUL on The Saturday Special.Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged from the British mod scene, initially in northern England […]

This Saturday 23rd sees the welcome return of Simon and El to The Saturday Morning Breakfast Show. Following a bout of feverish activity in which the boys got together to create lots of exciting new features for the show, they eventually decided that if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. So expect a lot more […]

   Bill Hicks was the legendary outlaw comic who criss-crossed America preaching the truth. He was savage, brilliant, funny, tremendously intelligent, brave, hilarious and right about nearly everything. Join me, EL, this Saturday November 7th, as I bring you the Bill Hicks Story, playing his exhilerating, renegade routines taken from 7 of his classic CDs, […]

  Since the demise of The Teardrop Explodes in the early 80’s Julian Cope has been a reluctant pop star, acid casualty, eco-warrior, pagan revivalist, village idiot, holy fool, shaman, poet, author, revolutionary and scholar – he’s also released no less than 44 albums, most of which you’ve never heard of, I expect. Join me […]

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