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  Welcome to this weeks classical A-Z where we have now moved on to the Letter E.  The E for this show stands for English music and is the first of a number of shows that will feature English music from different periods.  We’re going to start with English Renaissance music from the 1500’s. The […]

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September 15, 2012

 Today’s show is a going to be quite different to the normal show and doesn’t really even qualify as a Classical music show. Todays show is called the Golden Record and it is inspired by a story in the media about the spaceships Voyager 1 and 2 – two space ships that were launched in […]

 Today’s Classical A-Z brought to you once again by the letter D which stands for Delius.  Some Critics and commentators have divided Delius’ into 4 phases along the lines "apprentice", "middle period, mature period and late period and I’m going to feature four works, one from each of those phases.   Florida Suite – I. […]

 Today’s Classical A-Z brought to you by the letter D and is  going to feature the music of Debussy, and specifically early Debussy with four works all composed before the turn of the 19th century. Achille-Claude Debussy was born was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which is a commune about 20 km north of the centre of […]

 Today’s Classical A-Z is also brought to you by the letter C for the final time.  This week, C stands for Chamber Symphony and I’m going to play you three 20th century works from Russia, Austria and England.  Chamber Symphony for 15 instruments, Op. 9 – Arnold Schoenberg  Chamber Symphony Op.110a – Dimitri Shostakovich (transcr. […]

Welcome to this week’s Classical A-Z, which is based on the letter C. This week’s show is based on 20th and 21st century clarinet concerto’s.  The show is going to feature 3 clarinet works, 2 American and one Finnish work. Aaron Copland – Clarinet Concerto Magnus Lindberg – Clarinet Concerto John Adams  – Gnarly Buttons

This week’s show is based on Chopin’ piano music, hence the letter C, but all the pieces of music start with the letter B.  So we are going to have the 4 Ballades, a berceuse, a bolero and a barcarolle.  .  .  Now good old Chopin is credited with creating the Ballade genre for the […]

The past few weeks shows have featured some easily digestible music, especially last week which featured Brahms chamber music for clarinet. This weeks show is going to be quite a lot spikier and is brought to you by the letters BB&C.  These letters don’t stand for the British Broadcasting Corporation but for three modern composers, […]

 Today’s Classical A-Z is brought to you by the letter A and the Letter B.  This weeks show is dedicated to the Austrian pianist, poet and writer Alfred Brendel, one of the finest pianist of the last 50 years who only retired from the concert stage 4 years ago.  His repertoire did not range enormously […]

 Welcome to this week’s Classical A-Z, which again is brought to you by the letter A.  This week, the letter A stands for America, and the show is going to feature three works that feature specific areas of the united states in their titles.  The 3 works are by Aaron Copland, Charles Ives and Samuel […]

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