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 Music for Percussion –Today’s show is going to be loud and unruly as my theme for this week is percussion music.  On the show you’re going to hear a selection of 20th Century music that features solo percussion, orchestral music that heavily features percussion and even concertante pieces written specifically for percussion soloists.  The range […]

 This Wednesday, one of the world’s leading mezzo-sopranos is performing in Auckland for the very first time.  The singer in question is the Anne Sofie von Otter, who was born in Stockholm.  Her father was the diplomat Göran von Otter and as a result she grew up in Bonn, London and Stockholm In 1983 she […]

Repeat of Variations from January 2011 featuring the music of Gyorgy Ligeti due to DJ unable to get his act together in time 🙂  

 Music for Four Hands – Part one of what will end up as a three part show for music for four hands,  that is music for 2 pianos or 2 pianists at the same piano.  When I first thought of this theme I thought I’d manage to get a respectable single show out of the […]

 Franz Liszt  Next Saturday is the 200th birthday of Franz Liszt, who was the inventor of the modern solo piano recital.  He was born in Hungary on October 22nd, 1811.  I don’t have an awful lot of his music as quite frankly he’s not my cup of tea but I thought I’d give you the […]

 Classical Quartets –  This is the second Variations show based on Classical era string quartets from four of the greatest composers for the string quartet genre, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert.  Last week’s show featured Haydn quartets form across a wide swathe of his compositional life in tandem with music from the set of six quartets […]

 Classical Quartets  –  The String Quartet is one of my favourite sub genres of classical music and it is a musical form that was created and refined in the classical era.  This week’s show is going to feature string quartets from Haydn and Mozart and next week’s show will focus on Beethoven and Schubert.  The […]

JJordi Savall  Jordi Savall (b.1941) is a viol player & conductor from Catalunya. He has been one of the major figures in Early Music since the 1970s, and has been a major exponent of solo Viola da Gamba performance as well as various innovative approaches to ensemble. His repertory ranges from the medieval era to […]

 Britten for Voice  –  Benjamin Britten is widely considered to be Britain’s greatest composer after Henry Purcell and while he wrote music over a wider range of genres, he wrote a great deal of music for the human voice, and all but revitalised opera composition in the 20th century.  So today’s show is going to […]

 Replay of last years Father’s Day show featuring music by the sons of J.S. Bach

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