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 Kronos Quartet  –  In last week’s show I featured choral music by a range of highly regarded British Choirs based on a gramophone magazine article that listed the top20 choirs worldwide.  Now that list contained no American choirs, which upset some American commentators, which in turn tickled my sense of mischief.  However , some very […]

 British Choirs  In a recent edition of Gramophone, a panel of critics selected the top 20 choirs in the world, which oddy enough for a UK publication featured a lot of UK choirs.  No US choir was in the list and a number of US choral blogs got very irate about that.  I like it when […]

 Electronic Music – Part 2 – The 70’s till Now  If Chris has managed to manually schedule the show you should get to heaR Part 2 of an extended Variations covering experimental electronic music from the 1970’s to the present day.  Listener warning – squalls and feedback ahead.   If Chris can’t get it scheduled […]

Electronic Music – Part 1 – The Early Years   Over the past 3 weeks I have played a number of large scale orchestral songs often in a strongly late romantic style so the next 2 weeks are going to be very different and come with a listener warning, as some of it is a long […]

 Orchestral Song Cycles – Part 3 – The Rest of the World  This week’s show is my third and final show on the theme of Orchestral Songs.  The two preceding shows covered off Austria, Germany and France and this final show is a kind of rest of the world team incorporating Eastern Europe, the US, […]

Orchestral Songs– Part 2 – Mostly French  This week’s show is a follow on from last weeks Orchestral Songs theme as when I selected the theme I realised that there was too much good stuff to reduce to one show and in  preparing this weeks show I realised there was too much good stuff for […]

 Orchestral Songs– Part 1  This week’s show is on the theme of orchestral songs. Now there is simply too much magnificent music in the orchestral song cycle to reduce it down to a single show so for this week I’m focusing on Germany and Austria and I’ll follow up next week with orchestral song cycles […]

 Béla Bartók  was probably the greatest Hungarian composer, and was one of the most significant musicians and ethno musicologists of the twentieth century. Along with his friend and fellow composer Zoltán Kodály, he collected and transcribed an enormous amount of folk music, He synthesised the themes, modes, and rhythmic patterns of this music, along with […]

 Ambient Music  Now my theme this week is Ambient music as a special treat for Simon as its going to feature electronic sounds and even rhythmic music.  Now ambient music can often veer into the dubious category of new age music but I’ve endeavoured to steer clear of the trappings of new-age music and cosmic […]

 Rare Violin Concertos  Over the past week New Zealand has been hosting the Michael Hill International Violin competition where relatively unknown violinists have been playing a range of mostly well know violin compositions which will have culminated last night in the final performances of the top three contestants on the night at the town  hall […]

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