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 Todays show is going to feature music from one the biggies of the Classical music world, and that is Johannes Brahms.   for the simple reason that I rarely feature his music on the show, mainly because like Beethoven, his large works are so well known and are still a major part of the standard repertoire […]

Due to an overcommitted DJ, this weeks Variations is a repeat of a show from 2010 on Solo Violin music – featuring JS Bach and others.  Normal service will resume next week  – I hope 🙂  

 Music from the east.  The genre of Classical Music is for the most part concerned with Western classical music and for the most part the journey east stops when we get to Russia.  Countries like China and Japan have their own forms of music, often typified by non-western musical scales  and harmonic systems and instruments […]

 Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc was a French composer born in 1899.  He was a member of the French group Les Six. He composed across a wide range of genres including solo piano music,chamber music, oratorio, opera, ballet music, orchestral music and choral music. He was in many ways a collection of contradictions, he was openly […]

 Beethoven’s Late Quartets were regarded as the final word in quartet music for a lot of 19th century composers and very few of them really took up the challenge of trying to push the genre further, but come the 20th century and a lot of composers took up the genre again and created some absolute […]

 The theme for this week’s show is…………wait for it………..Easter.  Now last year I think I simply played Bach’s Easter Oratorio and Ascension Oratorio back to back so I’ve made a bit more of an effort this week in selecting music from a number of periods and a number of musical styles.  Now historically Easter was […]

This weeks show is going to feature music for wind instruments by Mozart.  Mozart wrote some of the most beautiful music for wind instruments in the history of music and he really captured the lyrical qualities and capabilities of a wide range of wind instruments.  He even managed to make the bassoon sound beautiful.!!   […]

 This week’s show is called Five Greats by Five Greats.  In this show I’m going to be playing music from Beethoven’s Late String Quartets which are the 5 quartets composed in 1825 and 1826 towards the very end of Beethoven life. In fact, after completing the Ninth Symphony in early 1824, Beethoven spent the two […]

Cities Cities play an immense role in society and in fact the evolution of societies and the shaping of specific cultures.  This week’s show features works that are all inspired by specific cities. Composer Title Haydn Symphony No. 104 (London), IVth Movement George Gerhswin An American in Paris, Tone Poem for Orchestra Franz Liszt Première […]

 My theme is music from the final year of the life of Franz Schubert  who, like many others this week, died far too young., in Schubert’s case in 1828 ,at the age of 31.  The music I’m going to play is often sombre, sometimes angry but also contains moments of absolute beauty. Title Piano Trio […]

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