Ed Reardon, author, pipe smoker, skilled fare-dodger and doyen of the abusive e-mail, trying to survive in a world where the media seems to be run by idiots and lying charlatans. This Sunday 9pm on The Sunday Night Comedy Show.   Also part 1 of improv brilliance with The Masterson Inheritance series 2. This week. […]

  This week the Sunday Night comedy show is an all Scottish show to celerbate New Year’s Day (well except for some english comics and Abba!) Sunday 9pm Jan 1 2012 

Sunday 18th has us back with stand up comedy at it’s best with Jeff Foxworthy and Louis Black.   Louis’ set is R16 so if you’re offended by adult themed comedy giva that bit of the show a miss. We’ve also got another great comedic song from Tom Lehrer to close the show.   The […]

 That famous command "Left hand down a bit" and the equally famous reply "Left hand down a bit it is sir" will strike an instant chord with fans of classic comedy. It comes from The Navy Lark, the longest running (or second longest depending on which source you believe) comedy show in the uk, it ran from […]

 Sunday March 6th Flush FM and Chatal take over the airwaves once again broadcasting from a portaloo in Peckham High Street. What more need be said? It’s ‘Doon Your Way’ on the Sunday Night Comedy Show, this Sunday 9pm

 lovers of improvised comedy or ‘Improv’ as they say in the trade, are in for a treat. This Sunday (19th) is the start the saga of The Masterson Inheritance "an improvised historical saga of a family at war with itself." A fabulous cast made – up by Josie Lawrence, Phelim (Feylim) McDermott, Paul Merton, Caroline […]

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