Counting The Beat 15 09 12 playlist and replay

Written by on September 16, 2012


Counting The Beat radio show 15 Sept 2012 by Counting The Beat on Mixcloud


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Gin – Oh My, Universal Music

Funkommunity – Pass It On (Chequered Thoughts), Melting Pot Music

The Ruby Suns – There Are Birds (Sea Lion), Academy Fight Song

Joe Blossom – You Are Not With Us Anymore (Nocturnes), Cabbage Tree Records

Imbogodom – Borogom’s Clock (And They Turned Not When They Went), Thrill Jockey

Beach Pigs – No Work (Beach pigs), ArchHill

Street Chant – Salad Daze, Arch Hill

Ray Woolf – Little Things That Happen, Mama

Left or Right – Hitchy (Nuggety), MrYoda Productions

The Bats – North By North (Daddy’s Highway), Flying Nun

The Body Lyre – No Problem (Escape Songs), self released

The Body Lyre – Geranium (Escape Songs), self released

Cool Rainbows – Fake Tattoos (Whale Rocket), Lil’ Chief

The Black Seeds – Loose Cartilidge (Dust And Dirt), Proville Records

Ladi 6 – Bang Bang (The Liberation Of), Eskabaden

Shocking Pinks – Second hand Girl (Shocking Pinks), DFA

The Eastern – State Houses By The River (Hope and Wire), Rough Peel Records

Phoenix Foundation – Orange and Mango (Buffalo), Slow Boat Records

Marineville – Face (Face), Epic Sweep

Mountaineater – Sunfired, Monkey Killer Records

The Scavengers – Supported By The State (The Scavengers), Action

Alf Danielson – Glover (Killing Capitalism With Kindness), Turbulence

Joe Blossom – Hunger 2 (Nocturnes), Cabbage Tree Records

Dead C – Love (Harsh 70s Reality), Siltbreeze

The Transistors – We’re Not Having Fun Anymore (Flux Pentaphile), Magic Bag



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