Counting The Beat 15 June 2013

Written by on June 16, 2013


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X-Ray Fiends – Tsunami, X-Ray Fiends (Sound Recordings)

Orchestra of Spheres – There Is No No, Nonagonic Now (Fire Records)

Wilberforces – Paradise Beach, Wilberforces (Muzai Records)

Autumn Splendour – Natasha, Autumn Splendour (self released)

Batrider – Drought, Batrider (self released)

She’s So Rad – Videos, In Circles (Out Of The Crate)

Naked and Famous – Crazy Yes Dumb No, Young Blood 7" (Neon Gold)

Princess Chelsea – We’re So Lost (Lil’ Chief)

Robert Scott – Too Early, Ends Run Together (Flying Nun)

Asian Tang – Cob Webbed Holograms (Lyttelton Records)

Bob Cadillac – Swallow River, Pretty Wacked (self released)

Peter Jefferies – On An Unknown Beach, The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World (De Stijl)

Dadamah – Violet Stains Red (Yellow Electric Records)

Las Tetas – You’re Not Invited (1:12 Records)

Gaytime – I’m Hurting, In Their Prime (1:12 Records)

Raw Nerves – All Fucked Up, Raw Nerves (1:12 Records)

Signer – Low Light Sleep, The New Face Of Smiling (Carpark Records)

The Chills – Kaleidoscope World, Kaleidoscope World (Flying Nun)

Opossom – Blue Meanies, Electric Hawaii (Fire Records)

Ladyhawke – Cellophane, Anxiety (Modular / Island)

Moron Says What? – Don’t Know How To Fight (Envex Records)

The Situations – Situations, Situations (Munster Records)

Drab Doo Riffs – Tesla Girl, Aquatic Ape Theory (1:12 Records)

Drab Doo Riffs – Do The Cat, Aquatic Ape Theory (1:12 Records)

Brian Crook – Living Death, Bathysphere (Exiled )

Pacifier, Interconnector, Pacifier Live (WEA)

Balance – Truth, Respect and Spirit, Never Quit (Shortfuse Records)

HDU – Abstinence (Flying Nun)

The Magick Heads – The Back Of Her Hand (Flying Nun)

Tiny Ruins – Rolling Mill Blues, Haunts (Spunk Records)


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