Counting The Beat 17 May 2014

Written by on May 20, 2014

Coco Solid -Graffiti Girl Instrumental, Graffiti Girls 4 Life (self released)
Shocking Pinks – DOUBLEVISIONVERSION, Guilt Mirrors (Stars and Letters)
Julien Dyne – Rice and Beans, Phantom Limbo EP (From the Crate)
Latinaotearoa – Aldeia De Ogum, Sonia De latinaotearoa (Mucho Aroha)
The Body Lyre – The Shelter, Escape Songs (self released)
Sheep, Dog and Wolf – Ablutophobia, Egospect (Lil’ Chief)
Purple Pilgrims – Earthly Heaven, Gary War/Purple Pilgrims Split LP (Upset The Rhythm)
Tall Dwarfs – Crush, Live Gluepot 22 Nov (Forced Exposure)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being In Trouble, The Blue Record (Jagjaguwar)
Glass Vaults – Don’t Be Shy, Bright EP (All Of Us)
Rhian Sheehan – Nocturne 1985, Stories From Elsewhere (Loop)
Axemen – Wharf With No Name, Derry Legend (Luxury Products)
Spies – Wait Don’t Wait. The Battle of Bosworth Terrace (Siltbreeze)
I Drink Your Blood – Haunted Mansion, Haunted Mansion (Stink Magnetic)
Show Me Where It Hurts – All You’ll Ever Need (self released)
Gripper – 100% Pure, Australia Vs New Zealand (Sick World Records)
Generation Dead – Permanent Headache, Australia Vs New Zealand (Sick World Records)
Electric Mayhem – Drunk On Holy Water, Australia Vs New Zealand (Sick World Records)
The Cavemen – Swamp Thing (1:12 Records)
Nick Raven – Love, Love and Lomography (Custom Made Music)
The Bats – Block Of Wood, Daddy’s Highway (Flying Nun)
Jackal – Big Top, Castle In The Air (self released)
The Mint Chicks – Sleeping During The Day, Crazy Yes Dumb No (Flying Nun)
Claypipe – Change Course, A Daylight Blessing (MIE Records)
Nick Raven – Singing Myself To Sleep, Love and Lomography (Custom Made Music)

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