Counting The Beat 19 01 13

Written by on January 23, 2013


Counting The Beat Radio Show 19 01 13 by Counting The Beat on Mixcloud


Lord Echo – Blueberry Jam (Lord Echo), Economy Records

The Brunettes – Loopy Loopy Love (Mars Loves Venus), Microfiche Records

Transistors – What Can I Say? (Transistors), Velvet Tiger Records

3Ds – Summer Stone (The Venus Trail), Flying Nun

Cakekitchen – I Just Want To Take You Higher (Kangaroos In My Top Paddock), NYCK

Bilders – Kick (Piano High Thirties), Unwucht

Maxine Funke – Second Hand Store (Felt), Epic Sweep Records

Sharpie Crows – Fifteen Golden Balls Pt.2 (Nostalgia Kills), Flying Nun

The Black Seeds – Loose Cartilage (Dust and Dirt), Proville Records

The Ruby Suns – Dusty Fruit (Fight Softly), Sub Pop

Connon Mocakasin – Forever Dolphin Love Erol Alkon’s Extended Rework Version 2, Phantasy

Dadamah – Violet Stains Red, Yellow Electric

Shihad – Do The Headless Chicken (A Flip and Two Twisters), Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society

Jakob – Safety In Numbers (Solace), Conspiracy Records

Street Chant – Less Chat, More Sewing (Means), Arch Hill Records

X-Ray Fiends – Big Black Spider (Sound Recordings Vol. 1), Sound Recordings

A.M. – Dom , Bliss (Black Night Burning), Trensmat

Goblin Mix – Up From The Sink (Son of Goblin Mix), Flying Nun

George Henderson & Alastair Galbraith – Macquarie Island (Killing Capitalism With Kindness), Turbulence

Beastwars – The Sleeper, Destroy

Mean – The Take (Knowing), Midium

Pumice – The Dawn Chorus of The Kina (Persevere), Soft Abuse

Snapper – Death and Weirdness In The Surfing Zone (Snapper), Flying Nun

Die! Die! Die! – Get Back (Harmony), Golden Antenna

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