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Written by on August 18, 2010

As someone who is becoming aquainted with the workings of Waiheke Radio by participating in the current production course run by Chris Walker and Brent Simpson trustees of Waiheke Community Radio, I am begining to discover something about the production processes that combine live streaming and archived content that takes radio far beyond it’s conventional limitations of just audio.. into perhaps it’s un-limitedness..  and an entirely new reality.

Now in it’s fourth week we are being asked to present our ideas for what is engaging radio and the best example I have of this to work with is:

Chris Walker’s Saturday morning show ‘Island Life’  with the programme that was broadcast two weeks ago (07-08-2010) where he interviewed local author Mike Johnson talking about the launch of his latest publication ‘Travesty’ (which can be downloaded & played in it’s entirity here) Travesty is a Graphic Novel

This is a beautiful piece of radio journalism where Mike Johnson describes (v.eloquently) some of the intricacies behind his writings; in that he has written himself into a new genre that is uncatorgorised within conventional publishing.  And he should know! As an academic, he tutors Creative Writing at both Auckland Uni and AUT.  He has a powerful message both in his writings and his vocal presentation of those ideas – even on Radio – Live.

I had the priveledge of attending Mike’s local booklaunch on last Saturday (16-08-2010) at his Waiheke home – attended by a few friends and family.  I took along my camera for this occasion, just to see what I could capture for a Facebook update; (Those pictures can be viewed here).  I was very fortunate to fire some shots off: of a book signing, a bit of naration but best of all; listening to his description of the graphic artwork compiled from the book – in it’s original A3 format, pen and ink drawings done by the artist; Darren Sheehan. Mike Johnson is a true artist able to express some considerable depth to his subject. This description of Darren’s Artwork is an exhibition piece – in it’s own right, that the author would be keen to participate with.  I believe Mike’s description of this artwork – would make very engaging radio with which to continue Chris Walker’s previous interview from ‘Island Life’.  In fact, Chris Walker has expressed an interest of getting him back onto his show to discuss his teaching career in respect of ‘Creative Writing’.  A series of interviews could offer something that would be of a significant nature to be of interest beyond our local community albeit, downloadable from the WaihekeRadio Website – linked by Facebook & Twitter to perform some social networking directly perhaps to a wider NZ Bookreading community.. From the WaihekeRadio website this would offer a permanent record – And that is it’s truest value.. one that can be measured from it’s statistical reach – maybe even beyond NZ’s shores. 

Who is Mike Johnson?  His bibilography (from the New Zealand Book Council) can be found online: http://www.bookcouncil.org.nz/writers/johnsonmike.html


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