Foreign Accents – Sunday 4th January, repeated Tuesday 6th, 7pm.

Written by on January 4, 2009

 Jordi Tutusaus of Barcelona, Spain.

27 y.o. Jordi is a singer and songwriter whose ambition is to make a living of his art. He has been on the island for 6 months. After studying and working for advertising companies in Spain, Jordi decides he does not want to spend his life making a living of the many lies of advertising. He sings in English, but also in Spanish and Catalan and sang live from the studio in all three languages. We talked about Catalonia and Catalan language,  the perception of Catalonia by the rest of Spain, Lluis Llach (a Catalan singer whose songs are an emblem of Catalan separatism) and the reasons why Jordi sings in English. 


Dusminguet – La cha cha cha

Jordi Tutusaus (live) – perfect song

Jordi Tutusaus (live) – amigo

Jordi Tutusaus (live) – una spina

Radio Tarifa – nina


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