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Written by on May 5, 2009

New Zealand Music Month!!!! Statistics suggest people respond to it by supporting local acts. The New Zealand Music Commission said last May one in four albums sold were from local artists (33,061) – an increase of over 80 per cent on April. Wahoo!


SMASHPROOF have broken a 23 year old record by having the longest consecutive run at #1 by a local act on the NZ Singles Chart! Their single ‘Brother’ – which features Gin Wigmore – has been #1 for Ten weeks in row. The pervious record was set by the America’s Cup song ‘Sailing Away’ by All Of Us, which spent nine consecutive weeks at the top in 1986. Smashproof’s album The Weekend is out now and the boys go on tour this week.


Sarah Jessica Parker is expecting twin girls through a surrogate pregnancy.


When asked if he Twitters, Michael J. Fox said, "I twitch, I don’t Twitter". Another twitter-er Dita Von Teese said "Wow. Flu scare is evident when the hand sanitizer section of the drugstore is completely sold out. Yikes."


Lily Allen has been handpicked by to be the new face of Chanel’s handbag campaign.


Gone is the glamourpuss wardrobe and Harajuku girls. Back is the funky hair and raw chick attire! Gwen Stefani and the boys performed on TV for the first time recently. Holy guacamole!! Sent shivers down my spine. Positive energy going out there that they come down under.


Hip hop power couple Kelis and Nas are divorcing! Kelis is seven months pregnant!


Sean Penn has filed for legal separation from his wife of 13 years, actress Robin Wright Penn.


Lady Gaga was almost arrested during a trip to Russia – because she was wearing leather. She was approached by officers when she visited St. Basil’s Cathedral, in Moscow, over her choice of outfit. Lady Gaga is not the only celebrity to have recently caused upset with their appearance Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden was forced to cover his arms on a recent flight from London after a British Airways attendant took offence to his tattoos.


A woman who claims she was sexually harassed then fired from the TV show Lost is suing ABC and actor Henry Ian Cusick. The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles alleges that Cusick, who plays Desmond Hume on the show, fondled the woman’s buttocks and breasts and kissed her on the lips in October 2007. The lawsuit claims she reported the incident to her supervisor, but was simply told to avoid the actor. She states she was fired 12 days later in retaliation for reporting the alleged abuse.


Coldplay wants to be nice to their fans and also promote their live CD, LeftRightLeftRightLeft. In fact, for the rest of their concerts this year, the band will be giving away free live CDs to everyone that attends their shows – not including festivals.


Eminems- 3am: long, kinda down-beat- is that a term? And very average. Thats two in a row for Mr. Slim Shady- sort yourself out please! As for Katy Perrys video clip for waking up in vegas. Beautiful!   


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtPiSE4AIO8 – Britney and her string



–    German “poker face”


Some pretty exciting news for one of the Two Strangers & a wedding Couples, a promotion run by The Edge. Almost 10 years ago, they married Paula and Zane Nicholl who never saw each other until they met at the altar. They defied critics worldwide and are still happily married with two gorgeous sons, Max & Jack. Paula is pregnant again with baby number 3!  And our Two new Strangers, Steve and Kersha Veix, who they married almost 5 years ago, are happy living in Nelson with their two sons Mitchell & Finn.


General Motors announced Monday that they plan to cut 21,000 factory jobs and get rid of their Pontiac line of cars. Not only that, over 1000 underperforming US dealerships are being forced to close to make the other remaining outlets stronger.


Oddest name of the year competition:


#1- American footballer Barkevious Mingo


Beating: Velvet Milkman, Nutritious Love, Iris Macadangdang, Iona Knipl, Atilla Bucko, Taco Vandervelde, Marijuana Pepsi (her mother’s sociological experiment) and worst of all CRYSTAL METHNY- wtf??? That’s just asking for trouble! Coming in close was twins named Winner and Loser. Winner became a lifetime criminal while Loser became a New York police detective. Nice.


SoJo’s MoFo of the week:


A 29-STONE mum who feeds her eight-month old triplets with McDonald’s has insisted she is bringing the tots up in the “best way she can".


Leanne Salt, 24, said she is “too busy” to properly feed daughters Deanna and Daisy and son Finlee. The tots eat 1,249 calories a day instead of the 765 recommended for their 17lb weight. She said: “My babies were six months old when they had their first McDonald’s. They like fish and chips too. I chew the food first so they can eat it because they haven’t got any teeth yet. “Sometimes I’ll cook them a microwave lasagne”—newsflash— microwaving aint cooking Lady! Child abuse anyone?



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