Looking Back – Disaster Strikes

Written by on March 26, 2018

I don’t recall the exact date but it was 2008 and approaching dusk. A massive storm had hit the island. 80 knot winds, torrential rain, no power anywhere on the island. I get a call on my mobile – “The transmission pole has toppled!”.

I’ve got a one year old baby and a four year old. I tell their mother, “I’m going out”. I’ll deal with the fallout later. I grab rope, a jacket and jump in the car. On the way I make some calls, “Get to the transmission site, we’ve got a problem”.

On site, our transmission pole is on the ground, still attached to it’s supporting structure, and threatening to go through the windows of the house next door.

We have to remove corrugated iron, the wind is ferocious, we’re worried about safety but have no choice. It must have taken three hours to dismantle and secure everything. We’re soaked, freezing cold, and there’s not even anywhere we can get a beer. Time to head home and face the music.

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