Looking Back – Waiheke Radio move into the White House

Written by on March 27, 2018

In 2011 Waiheke Radio needed to find a new home. The studio we had occupied in the Artworks courtyard, a former gravel storage pit, was being demolished to make way for a new library. We were incredibly grateful when we were

granted a lease on part of the building (we share tenancy with the Once Upon A Story Trust) by the last Waiheke Community Board and Auckland City, but we would like to thank Auckland Council for their continuing support of community radio on Waiheke through a community lease.

Our studio at The White House was opened in 2011 after many volunteer hours converting the building from a residence to a community facility. The grand opening and ribbon cutting was presided over by Waiheke Local Board chair and members Faye Storer, Jo Holmes and Don McKenzie. 

In the podcast of Island Life from that day you can hear about the history of radio on the island with Martin Green and Barry Jenkin, live music from Leonie Perry, the official opening ceremony with Don McKenzie and the Opinionated Islanders Alan Knight and Alex Stone.

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