McDonalds move into Waiheke – We’re not lovin’ it!

Written by on April 1, 2010

Waihekeans awoke this morning to see something they never thought they’d see on their beautiful, corporate globalisation-free Island paradise.

As the dawn woke up the unsuspecting Island residents and the sun rose above the ridge of Blackpool Heights, three red signs with golden arches began to glisten in the Oneroa sunlight. 

Residents will have been aware of the new development work currently underway in Oneroa but would never in a million years have imagined the full horror of what was to come. The Mcdonalds Golden Arches are moving into town.

As we speak there will, I’m sure, be a collective groan from parents across the Island and a ‘yippee’ from all the children themselves drooling at the thought of a local weekly ‘Happy’ Meal. 

There will also no-doubt be a protest action plan already in place from our more vocal Island protesters and we’ll soon see direct action on a scale like we’ve ‘never seen before’, demonstrations that the Surfdale Cellphone Tower Protest Group can only dream of. This will be war!!

Questions need to be asked, especially of our Community Board. Did they really give permission for this?

We at Waiheke Radio can already feel our arteries glogging up!

Posted: 1/4/10

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