Meriel Watts on weedspraying – dangers, rights and responsibilities

Written by on February 22, 2010

Meriel Watts, scientist for the Pesticide Action Network, and local resident, talks of the dangers of spray drift from pesticide and weedspraying on Waiheke, citing a possible link to increased cancers and fatigue syndromes.  

Currently residents have no recourse against spraying, but she suggests that wineries should take the long term view, and switch to organic pesticides and weedkillers.   Concerned residents can contact her,, with any specific concerns or for ideas on how to approach the neighbours.

Interesting Listener article on winery spraying 

She also discusses the risks Roundup, and how people seem unaware of the high health risks associated with even small exposure.  See the article in Nov/Dec 2009 Organic New Zealand.    

With the Supercity, there is a risk that our roads,  currently sprayed with organic weedkiller, will need to fall into line with an Aucklandwide policy of using Roundup on roads.  

Personally I think it would be good to compile a list of wineries and landscape gardeners with details on whether they use pesticides,weedkillers, or fungicides and whether or not these are organic, with a view to supporting those that are keeping our environment safe.  

Let’s start the ball rolling here.

Listen to the interview with Merial Watts on Island Life.


Spraying at Cable Bay. Nearby residents need special  filters fitted  to filter out insecticides and herbicides from their water.


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