Navigator presents" Just after Full Moon" Sunday December 7, 2014 6-9pm playlist

Written by on December 7, 2014

Sister Rosa Neville Brothers 90.3

Yellow Moon Neville Brothers 90.1

A Change Is Gonna Come Neville Brothers 118.6

I Wanna Do My Thing The Ashantis129.9

Bèy Lesènabètesh Soul Ekos Band 117.5

Hédètch Gara Zura Niaaza Alsherif 93

By the River ProleteR 84

My Melancholy Baby ProleteR 95

Not Afraid ProleteR 90

Something for you Octopizzo 101

Cottonmouth Coco Robicheaux 101.9

Jump Steady Come My Way Willy DeVille 86.9

True Blue Carlo Ditta / C.P. Love 98.2

Gator Bait The Gaturs 109.5

Reborn Marilyn Barbarin 103.7

Dap Walk Ernie & The Top Notes 108.1

Can I Be Your Squeeze Chuck Carbo 114.3

Handa Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolia  Mardi Gras Indian Band 86.7

Gubbvalsen FatDog 104.1

Sandansko Oro FatDog 112.7

Hog-Eye FatDog 115.9

Sexling FatDog 84.7

Ring The Changes FatDog 113.8

Penceresi Yola Karsi Olcay Bayir 140.8

Benim Yarim Olcay Bayir 121.9

Mia Smyrnia Sto Parathiri Olcay Bayir 133.8

Jarnana Olcay Bayir 103.3

Machine Natural Self 95

Fieras Bravas Latinaotearoa 90

Suelta Latinaotearoa 125

Ritmo Latinaotearoa 110.1

Chi Chi Cha Cha Latinaotearoa 140

Malele Latinaotearoa 131.8

Aou Tila Afrodyssey Orchestra 115.3

Ti Se Mellei Afrodyssey Orchestra 112.4

Moroccan Dancer Afrodyssey Orchestra 116.1

Nomad’s Dream Afrodyssey Orchestra 109.5

Kowloon Kickback (Gramophonedzie mix) The Young Punx 125

Bye Bye Blues Morlack & Tomahawk Mondo Exotica 125

I Play (feat Grant Lazlo remix) Lamuzgueule 127.9

Sharp And Ready Selection Ghost Writerz 101.9

Roll ’em Pete Big Joe Turner & Pete Johnson 128.5

Special Steam Line Bukka White 123.9

Burleskin’ Blues Mississippi Sarah & Daddy Stovepipe 107.8

Sitting On Top Of The World Mississippi Sheiks 105.6

Step It Up And Go Blind Boy Fuller 101.3

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