Navigator presents "Last one for 2015…Wish you a great 2016" playlist Sunday December 27, 2015

Written by on December 26, 2015

Politricksters Afrolicious 126 Ways of Seeing 2015

Destiny Afrolicious 115 Ways of Seeing 2015

I Aint Living Long Like This Rodney Crowell 149.4 The Rodney Crowell Collection 1989

Old Pipeliner Rodney Crowell 99.2 The Rodney Crowell Collection 1989

Queen Of Hearts Rodney Crowell 160.9 The Rodney Crowell Collection 1989

Black Zil Syriana 140.8 The Road to Damascus 2010

Beatbox Baby Roberto Samperi 105 The Beat Kicks Vol.2 2015

Sonic Soul Boogie Seasick Steve 105.8 Sonic Soul Surfer 2015

Summertime Boy Seasick Steve 131.8 Sonic Soul Surfer 2015

Bring It On Seasick Steve 118.7 Sonic Soul Surfer 2015

Qat Market Speed Caravan 104 Songlines Music Awards 2010 2010

Straight Up (Feat. Ashley Stroud) Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox 110 Selfies On Kodachrome 2015

Steal My Girl (Feat. Jeffrey James) Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox 96.6 Selfies On Kodachrome 2015

Call Me the Breeze Lynyrd Skynyrd 93.7 Second Helping 1974

Cemetery Polka Tom Waits 169.1 Rain Dogs 1985

Clap Hands Tom Waits 143.3 Rain Dogs 1985

Singapore Tom Waits 99.7 Rain Dogs 1985

Ngoma likembe Francis Bebey 138.2 Psychedelic Sanza 2014

Cumbietón rutero Axel Krygier 160 Pesebre 2010

La Fiera Axel Krygier 127.9 Pesebre 2010

Serpentea el tren Axel Krygier 110 Pesebre 2010

Satisfied [V’s Edit] Mandy Waters 110 Neo-Blues (V’s Edits, Vol. 18) 2015

I Faram Gami I Faram Mulatu Astatke 87 Mulatu Steps Ahead 2010

New Word Hawdah Linton Kwesi Johnson 161 More Time 1998

Seasons Of The Heart Linton Kwesi Johnson 141.8 More Time 1998

Hurricane Blues Linton Kwesi Johnson 147.6 More Time 1998

Ankan Tolon Mali Latino 128.3 Mali Latino 2010

Joie au Village Mali Latino 126.7 Mali Latino 2010

Something’s Going Down (Renegades of Jazz Remix) Alexia Coley 125 Jalapeno Funk, Vol. 7 2015

Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Presley 106.6 Hot August Night 2013

Adunia Asmara All Stars 122.8 Eritrea’s Got Soul 2010

Amayo Asmara All Stars 154.4 Eritrea’s Got Soul 2010

Volga River Boat Man St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review 85 Elephant Riddim 2015

Pampas Electro Dub Tango 90 Electro Dub Tango Meets Europe 2009

Gotta Travel On Jimmie Dale Gilmore 114 Come On Back 2005

Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Jimmie Dale Gilmore 128 Come On Back 2005

Bella Ciao Goran Bregovic with The Wedding and Funeral Orchestra 162.9 Champagne for Gypsies 2012

Ciribirella Ciribirella Goran Bregovic with Stephan Eicher 116 Champagne for Gypsies 2012

Champagne for Gypsies Goran Bregovic with Selina O’Leary 130 Champagne for Gypsies 2012

Lutaphonic Dub Oki 98.7 Bar Tokyo 2009

Rasshoi!! Chanchiki 99.9 Bar Tokyo 2009

Kuijin nu Hana (Da Lata Remix) Rykuku Underground 115 Bar Tokyo 2009

Lam San Disco The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band 127.4 21st Century Molam 2014

Kwang Noi Chaolay The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band 116.4 21st Century Molam 2014

Show Wong Molam International The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band 156 21st Century Molam 2014

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