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Welcome to the spiritual rhythms of voodoo, brought by slaves from the religion’s West African birthplace to its incarnations in Haiti (Voudou), Cuba (Santería), Brazil (Candomble), Trinidad, and New Orleans. Grupo Vocal Desandann, Lord Nelson, Gangbé Brass Band, Maria Bethania and Dr John stand side-by-side in this unique take on voodoo’s riveting musical history. Like the flora and fauna of her Madagascar homeland, Lala Njava’s music is distinctive and unique. Listen out for her silvery wandering voice, lush rolling guitars and rippling percussion on this, her striking debut album – her Malagasy Blues Song. The 6th album by Deja-Move aka Aaron Bingle contains a bunch of unreleased new titles, next to a buch of unreleased reworks and remixes. Starting up with the ‘Barjazz version’ of Deja-Move’s ‘Shade of Pearls’, remixed by ‘Renegades of Jazz’, the album introduces a state of quality and a sweetness that will guide you thru the whole record. Deja-Move`s remix of ‘Brother Shadrach’s’ ‘Wrestle Not’ reminds in the good old times when Hip Hop met Easy Listening.’Tobitob’ loves the remix of his track ‘Mossy Meadows’, and the Retro Soul Mash Up Reedit ‘Mrs. King In The Streets’ caught some interest by ‘Suono Got Soul’. Be surprised by other reworks by Mr. ‘TM Juke’ or Deja-Move’s remix from ‘Quincy Jointz’ title ‘Stay Focused’ and the brandnew Deja tracks, that will serve you well, wherever you are, whatever you do. The Modernsoul Producer duo Slackwax are finally releasing their much anticipated debult album "Night out" on Modernsoul. The 14 tracks on "Night out" include all their classics incl. "Close to my fire" and lots of new tracks with all of them holding a great musical content and vibe.
and much much more enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

La Souvenance Erol Josue 2:46 The Rough Guide To Voodoo 2013
Marie Laveau Dr John 3:56 The Rough Guide To Voodoo 2013
Shango Lord Nelson 4:21 The Rough Guide To Voodoo 2013
Mossy Meadows
(Deja-Move Remix)
Tobitob Sessionlab w_ Cram 3:50 The Light Side Of The Deja Moon 2013
Mrs. King In The Streets Deja-Move 4:26 The Light Side Of The Deja Moon 2013
Volta Pula Hante Deja-Move 5:01 The Light Side Of The Deja Moon 2013
Put It Right Here
(Timewarp inc remix)
The Worldstylers 5:09 The Blues Boutique 2013
Redbeard Crawdad Farmers 3:32 The Best of Tramp 45s – Vol.5 2013
Afrolypso Cesar’s Salad 4:46 The Best of Tramp 45s – Vol.5 2013
Hi-Fly Stomp Hi-Fly Orchestra 3:19 The Best of Tramp 45s – Vol.5 2013
Beating Steel Fred Berlipp Band 2:53 The Best of Tramp 45s – Vol.4 2013
Compared To What Anita Moore & TSU
Jazz Ensemble
3:06 The Best of Tramp 45s – Vol.4 2013
Bahama Soul Stew Funky Nassau 2:42 The Best of Tramp 45s – Vol.1 2013
Bohemia Junction Bombay Dub Orchestra 6:43 Tales From The Grand Bazaar 2013
Dub Jump DJ MAARS 4:47 Summer Soundbwoy Vol 1 2013
We Are Roots
(DJTzinas Remix)
Blend Mishkin 3:24 We Are Roots [Feat. Jamalski] 2013
Shrimp Po-Boy, Dressed Allen Toussaint 3:17 Songbook (Deluxe Edition) 2013
Brickyard Blues Allen Toussaint 3:30 Songbook (Deluxe Edition) 2013
Lipstick Traces Allen Toussaint 2:05 Songbook (Deluxe Edition) 2013
On the Road Again Slackwax 3:03 Night Out 2013
Old Stick in the Mud Slackwax 3:50 Night Out 2013
Far Away From Home – Edit Slackwax 4:49 Night Out 2013
Baovola Lala Njava 5:44 Malagasy Blues Song 2013
Voatse Lala Njava 4:39 Malagasy Blues Song 2013
Dinako Lala Njava 4:20 Malagasy Blues Song 2013
In My Shoes Slackwax, Anna Leyne 5:13 Night Out 2013
Come Away Slackwax, Anna Leyne 4:28 Night Out 2013
Happy Soul Slackwax, Trinah 4:19 Night Out 2013
Magdalena (Anchorsong Remix) Quantic & Alice Russell
with the Combo Barbaro
5:45 Magdalena 2013
Tini Mini Lady –
Instrumental Long Version
Electro Swing Cartel 4:06 I Love Swing Music 2013
Via Con Me (It’s Wonderful) –
Milk & Sugar Radio Version
Milk & Sugar 2:50 I Love Swing Music 2013
Hanky Panky The New Burlesque Roadshow 3:50 I Love Swing Music 2013
Didn’t It Rain –
Minimatic Remix
The Golden Gate Quartet 4:50 I Love Swing Music 2013
A Night in Tunesia –
Gypsy Swing Mix
Electric Balkan Jazz Club 3:56 I Love Swing Music 2013
(Whiskey Barons Heavy Funk Mix)
Ray Barretto 5:43 Hammock House Lower East Side 2012
Right On
(Whiskey Barons Got Some Afro Mix)
Ray Barretto 7:41 Hammock House Lower East Side 2013
(Wiskey Barons Cumbia Dub Mix)
Justo Betancourt 7:56 Hammock House Lower East Side 2013
Mosquito Eater T.D. & Jimmy James 2:42 The Best of Tramp 45s – Vol?.?5 2013
Gimme One More
(Niles Philips remix)
The Worldstylers 3:50 The Blues Boutique 2013
The Hen Part I Louis Chachere 2:33 Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label 2013
Africa Latina Pt. 2 Geko Jones & Chief Boima 4:51 Africa Latina 2013
Marie Laveau Craig Klein Feat. John Boutte 6:52 The Rough Guide To Voodoo 2013
Certain Girl Medley Certain Girlmother-
In-Law Fortune Teller
working In The Coal Mine
Allen Toussaint 3:15 Songbook (Deluxe Edition) 2013
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Dwight Yoakam 2:20 21st Century Hits
(Best Of 2000-2012)
If Teardrops Were Diamonds
(With Willie Nelson)
Dwight Yoakam 3:19 21st Century Hits
(Best Of 2000-2012)
Sweet Lullaby Lala Njava 4:04 Malagasy Blues Song 2013

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