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Ska-P from Spain opens the show today with their just released 99% Cd. We have more Ska from Chile Santiago. Soundway present a very limited vinyl-only re-issue of a truly unique and obscure LP from 1974. Performed by the cultural rock band Colomach and led by Northern Togo musician Gneni Mamadou, this record was recorded in EMI Nigeria’s state-of -the-art studio and only ever released in Nigeria in tiny numbers. The original record is one of the rarest Afro-rock LPs ever made and has almost vanished since its production nearly 40 years ago. The album is a truly original fusion of traditional music from the arid Sahel region of West Africa (the northern areas of Togo, Ghana, Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria and parts of Burkina Faso and Mali) with raw ‘garagey’ psych-rock that was honed playing alongside similar ‘cultural’ bands of the era such as Hedzoleh Soundz and Edzayawa. Production heavyweight Rhys Adams returns with his second LP under the ‘YesKing’ moniker and his debut for the BBE label. Produced entirely by Adams, ‘Re-Record Not Fade Away’, marks a coming of age for the seasoned studio head and a sonic departure from the outfit’s 2008 debut ‘Rock This World’ (co-produced by Mark Rae of Rae & Christian fame). Featured artists provide a wealth of variety to the album’s underlying themes: Guitarist for The Soothsayers and Jerry Dammers’ Spatial aka Orchestra, Patrick Hatchett plays on much of the album also co-writing several tracks becoming, in Adams’ words, ‘central to the Yesking sound’. Togo born singer Kodjovi Kush adds afrobeat flavour to ‘One More Time’ with a vocal performance which displays his musical journey to East London via Ghana, Israel and ‘90s Central London cultural hotspot, the Africa Centre.  And much much more……………………………Cheers my friends

Canto a La Rebelión Ska-P 4:38 99% 2013
Ciudadano Papagayo Ska-P 4:07 99% 2013
Marinaleda Ska-P 4:22 99% 2013
Ghetto 77 Suonho  5:20 Vinyl, 12" 2013
Nothing Left To Say (Remix) Poldoore 3:18 7" 2013
Tra Ba (Atropolis Otra Remix) Rafi El 4:50 Tra Ba 2013
Cotocun Gba Gounke Colomach 2:54 Colomach 2013
Kassa Kpa Sama Colomach 3:37 Colomach 2013
Kpanlongo (Folklore) Colomach 2:51 Colomach 2013
Dimbaya Fimber Bravo 4:01 Con-Fusion 2013
Orisha Brazil Fimber Bravo 7:19 Con-Fusion 2013
Sinner Man Fimber Bravo 4:46 Con-Fusion 2013
Boogie Children Ecklectic Mick 4:54 Electro Blues Vol 1 2013
Alabama Grant Lazlo 4:55 Electro Blues Vol 1 2013
Goodbye Baby
(Swing Republic remix)
John Lee Hooker &
Swing Republic
3:26 Electro Blues Vol 1 2013
Let I Go feat. Anthony Joseph Mop Mop 5:19 Isle Of Magic 2013
Heritage feat. Anthony Joseph Mop Mop 4:55 Isle Of Magic 2013
Run Around feat.
Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph
Mop Mop 5:17 Isle Of Magic 2013
One More Time Yesking 6:17 Re-Record… Not Fade Away 2013
Chicken Chops Yesking 4:17 Re-Record… Not Fade Away 2013
Raise Up Yesking 5:19 Re-Record… Not Fade Away 2013
The Call Kobo Town 3:00 Jumbie in the Jukebox 2013
Class & Style The Captain (Stray Cats) 3:17 GFP13 2013
Kilburn Soulshaker The Bas Lexter Ensample 3:51 Resense 034 2013
Kojak Here Wanted The Bas Lexter Ensample 2:04 Resense 034 2013
Buck Buck The Bas Lexter Ensample 3:12 Resense 034 2013
Jivin’ Num-Num The Bas Lexter Ensample 3:58 Resense 034 2013
Ray & Kurt & Quad The Bas Lexter Ensample 4:55 Resense 034 2013
Skalloween Santiago Downbeat  5:40 Santiago Downbeat 2012
Nutville Santiago Downbeat  7:21 Santiago Downbeat 2012
Prende una Mechita Santiago Downbeat  3:23 Santiago Downbeat 2012
I Shall Not Be Moved Pops Staples 4:02 Peace To The Neighborhood 1992
Down In Mississippi Pops Staples 5:01 Peace To The Neighborhood 1992
This May Be The Last Time Pops Staples 3:26 Peace To The Neighborhood 1992
Borderline Ry Cooder 3:18 Borderline 1980
Down On The Boondocks Ry Cooder 3:18 Borderline 1980
Why Don’t You Try Me Ry Cooder 4:50 Borderline 1980
Domino Van Morrison 3:10 Still On Top –
The Greatest Hits 
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison 3:04 Still On Top –
The Greatest Hits 
Jackie Wilson Said
(I’m In Heaven When You Smile)
Van Morrison 3:00 Still On Top –
The Greatest Hits 
We Three Sisters Pacific Curls 4:15 Te Po 2012
No Good For My Soul  Tami Neilson nd
The Broadsides
3:09 Radio New Zealand Recording 2013
Love’s Gonna Blow My Way Steve Earle & The Dukes
(and Duchesses)
2:49 The Low Highway 2013
Warren Hellman’s Banjo Steve Earle & The Dukes
(and Duchesses)
1:47 The Low Highway 2013
Down The Road Pt II Steve Earle & The Dukes
(and Duchesses)
2:36 The Low Highway 2013
21st Century Blues Steve Earle & The Dukes
(and Duchesses)
3:40 The Low Highway 2013

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