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 The Moroccan Sahrawi singer Oum announced the release of her new album and video entitled “Soul of Morocco” in France. The budding Moroccan singing star with her five-piece soul band headlined the opening night of the Taragalte music festival last November, which was dedicated to and also featured Malian musicians then exiled because of the takeover of northern Mali by al-Qaeda-linked extremist groups. Femi Kuti has taken upon himself to carry forward Afrobeat -both music and its message – but it’s also important for him to take that creation and stamp his own mark onto it;as he says "I think it’s very important for me to respect my father’s creation all the time. But I don’t want to be my father’s replica. I want to find my own spirit, my own soul and my own voice." ‘No Place For My Dream’ was recorded in Paris with producer Sodi, who is well known for his collaborations with the Kuti Family; he produced several Fela albums and has worked with Femi for many years. Founded by Trinidadian-Canadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves, Kobo Town is named after the historic neighborhood in Port-of-Spain where calypso was born. Kobo Town takes the intricate wordplay of classic Caribbean music and runs it through a 21st Century filter. In the world of Kobo Town calypso, roots reggae, and acoustic instrumentation meet innovative production techniques, social commentary and indie rock attitude.

Balance In All Things Elements of Life 1:52 Eclipse 2013
This Is Us Elements of Life 3:20 Eclipse 2013
Pastime Paradise Elements of Life 7:39 Eclipse 2013
Mr. Monday Kobo Town 3:28 Jumbie in the Jukebox 2013
Half of the Houses Kobo Town 2:52 Jumbie in the Jukebox 2013
The Call Kobo Town 3:00 Jumbie in the Jukebox 2013
Life Is A Tree (Truby Trio Treatment) Sicania Soul 6:42 Nu Jazz, Vol. 1 2011
Noisuf (Raw Jazz Take) Stockholm Cyclo 5:04 Nu Jazz, Vol. 1 2011
Agora Tento Arcoiris 3:41 Nu Jazz, Vol. 1 2011
Escravos De Jo (feat Dom Um Roma – Brisa remix) Ithamara Koorax 8:51 Nu Jazz, Vol. 1 2011
Nothing to Show for It Femi Kuti 3:36 No Place for My Dream 2013
No Place for My Dream Femi Kuti 3:45 No Place for My Dream 2013
No Work No Job No Money Femi Kuti 5:21 No Place for My Dream 2013
Tumba La Nyama Richard Bona 4:30 Bonafied 2013
Socopao Richard Bona 5:55 Bonafied 2013
Diba La Bobe Richard Bona 5:19 Bonafied 2013
Waiting by the Sea Kobo Town 3:21 Jumbie in the Jukebox 2013
Joe the Paranoiac Kobo Town 3:47 Jumbie in the Jukebox 2013
Road to Fyzabad Kobo Town 3:39 Jumbie in the Jukebox 2013
Rebel Music Bob Marley & the Wailers 5:14 Kaya (Deluxe Edition) 2013
War  No More Trouble Bob Marley & the Wailers 6:23 Kaya (Deluxe Edition) 2013
Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley & the Wailers 4:55 Kaya (Deluxe Edition) 2013
I Want You Bob Dylan 3:05 Music & Photos 2013
If Not For You Bob Dylan 2:41 Music & Photos 2013
Tangled Up In Blue Bob Dylan 5:43 Music & Photos 2013
Boots & Spanish Leather Richie Havens 5:40 My Own Way 2012
C.C. Rider Richie Havens 3:22 My Own Way 2012
900 Miles From Home Richie Havens 3:46 My Own Way 2012
Do They Dream Of Hell In Heaven Terry Allen 3:11 Bottom Of The World 2013
Angels Of The Wind Terry Allen 3:51 Bottom Of The World 2013
The Bottom Of The World Terry Allen 4:30 Bottom Of The World 2013
Run Home (98bpm) The Bas Lexter Ensample 3:05 Resense 034 2013
Ray & Kurt & Quad The Bas Lexter Ensample 4:55 Resense 034 2013
Cuba Inside The Bas Lexter Ensample 4:12 Resense 034 2013
Whowa Oum 4:33 Soul Of Morocco 2013
Shine Oum 4:55 Soul Of Morocco 2013
Taragalte Oum 7:12 Soul Of Morocco 2013
Tra Ba (Buyepongo Remix) Rafi El 5:02 Tra Ba 2013
Oya Ye Ye (UFO’s Universo Mix) Snowboy 7:08 The New Latinaires 3 2000
Gypsy Stepper The Spy From Cairo 5:42 The Wonderwheel Spins 2013 2013
Peaceful Island Life (Rise Ashen Remix) Nickodemus feat. Kathrin deBoer 5:03 The Wonderwheel Spins 2013 2013

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