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It’s hot and muggy on Waiheke, waitin for the rain. Kinda swampy. Good reason to visit Louisiana, mardi gras with Willie DeVille and get real low with Tony Joe White. New albums Red Baraat, Skeewiff, SkaZka Orchestra (Berlin), Patchwork goes jazz, Dutty Moonshine and much more….Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Shruggy Ji (Single) Red Baraat 6:23 Free single new 2013 album 2012
Banda A Guikoua Bibi Tanga & The Selenites 3:34 40º Of Sunshine 2012
Meshkalina Paco Zambrano Y Su Combo 3:27 7" 2012
Nuestro Ayer – Makala Remix Rabbit Rumba Vs Makala 3:44 Achilifunk Gipsy Soul
From 21st Century
El Raggaton – Superstar Remix Los Fulanos Feat Peret Vs
Miguelito Superstar
3:58 Achilifunk Gipsy Soul
From 21st Century
Mirame – Sabo’s Afro Vocal Mix La Troba Kung-Fu Vs
Dj Sabo
5:44 Achilifunk Gipsy Soul
From 21st Century
16 Tons (Ft Tommy Dollar)
[Skeewiff Remix]
Bart & Baker 4:29 Bart&Baker Classics, Pt.1 16 Tons (Ft Tommy Dollar) – EP 2012
Got My Mojo Working Etta James 3:34 Blues To The Bone 2004
Commodore Boogie Belgique 5:07 Bust Free 11 2012
Swing Da Ding Krystian Shek 3:42 Bust Free 11 2012
Venus Pat C & Skeewiff 3:20 Collaborations 2012
Jardim Secreto Pat C & Skeewiff 3:59 Collaborations 2012
Roosevelt And Ira Lee
(Night Of The Mossacin)
Tony Joe White 3:06 Collected 2012
Undercover Agent For The Blues Tony Joe White 4:44 Collected 2012
Ol’ Black Crow Tony Joe White 5:33 Collected 2012
Tribute To Mulatu Patchworks 4:41 Goes Jazz… 2012
Los Ladrones Patchworks 4:05 Goes Jazz… 2012
Stand By Me
[Honest Lee Re-Edit]
John Lennon 5:06 Honest Lee Re-Edits 2012
Every Dog Has Its Day (Live) Willy DeVille 2:12 In New Orleans 2012
Iko Iko (Live) Willy DeVille 5:20 In New Orleans 2012
Meet The Boys On
The Battlefront (Live)
Willy DeVille 3:13 In New Orleans 2012
Ryba SkaZka Orchestra 5:52 Kalamburage 2012
Kleyster Dance SkaZka Orchestra 4:02 Kalamburage 2012
Clichè No.1 SkaZka Orchestra 5:22 Kalamburage 2012
Sibashaya Woza
(Chico Mann Remix)
KonKoma 6:22 Konkoma Remixed 2012
Love International Kokolo 5:32 Love International 2007
The Magnificent Seven Kokolo 5:45 Love International 2007
Sabroso Kokolo 4:27 Love International 2007
Quetzalcoatl Offering Captain Planet 6:02 Mixtape Riot 2012
You Gotta Move Naomi Shelton &
The Gospel Queens
2:59 Mojo Presents –
Sticky Soul Fingers
More Heavy Bosq of Whiskey Barons
feat. Kaleta
8:16 More Heavy b/w Dem Know 2012
Dem Know Bosq of Whiskey Barons
feat. Kaleta
7:13 More Heavy b/w Dem Know 2012
Fancy a Tipple
(feat. Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer)
Dutty Moonshine 4:30 Rauchestra Volume 1 2012
(feat. Kitten & The Hip)
Dutty Moonshine 4:37 Rauchestra Volume 1 2012
Herbie Hancock –
Hang Up Your Hang Ups – MM rework
Mop Mop 5:02 Reworks 2012
Soul Brothers Inc. –
I Don’t Think We Are Going Back Again – MM extended rework
Mop Mop 5:49 Reworks 2012
Dudar (Grant Phabao Remix) The Echocentrics 4:49 The Echocentrics Remixes 2012
Lady Day And John Coltrane Gil Scott-Heron 3:36 The Revolution Begins:
The Flying Dutchman Masters
El Pibe De Mi Barrio Doctor Krápula 2:50 The Rough Guide To
Urban Latino
Get Lost Pushin Wood Soundsystem 4:00 Through The Needle’s Eye 7" 2012

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