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We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic
Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

Van Morrison songs and lyrics have always stood their time. The audio equivalent of good hashish. Ridiculously catchy, danceable and psychedelic, The Spy from Cairo has put together an upbeat album that spans practically every style of pop music to come out of the Arab world over the last fifty years. ‘Keep On Rolling’, released early 2013 on the Paris DJs label, is only The Silvertones‘ third album, and a celebration of a nearly 50 years-long career, with re-recordings of classic Silvertones hits such as ‘Smile’‘Old Man River’, or Sufferer’s ChildWith Pascal Oritaimae, his Pacific brother and musical soul mate, Anthony Cobbing set out to make an album, Siva Pacifica,  that would preserve Melanesian integrity while in harmony with the contemporary world. It is a tapestry woven from traditional sources and powerful myth that brings together sounds and people from throughout Melanesia. Ancient chants fuse with dark undertones and haunting melodies to deliver a true artistic representation of the union between Melanesia’s past and the outside world that threatens to consume it. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laughing Song Bibi Tanga & The Selenites 3:35 40º Of Sunshine 2012
Kangoya Bibi Tanga & The Selenites 3:00 40º Of Sunshine 2012
Banda A Guikoua Bibi Tanga & The Selenites 3:34 40º Of Sunshine 2012
Dirty Money Antibalas 6:15 Antibalas 2012
Ibeji Antibalas 6:16 Antibalas 2012
Sare Kon Kon Antibalas 8:07 Antibalas 2012
Marseilles Noir The Spy from Cairo 4:09 Arabadub 2012
Thicker Than Hookah Smoke The Spy from Cairo 5:43 Arabadub 2012
Sons of Hannibal The Spy from Cairo 4:43 Arabadub 2012
Hendry (wise) Tarika Sammy 3:55 Balance 1994
(balance, pay attention, recite)
Tarika Sammy 5:40 Balance 1994
Jono (the catch of fish) Tarika Sammy 3:59 Balance 1994
Basta Mafia Zdob Si Zdub 3:29 Basta Mafia! 2012
African Man Grant Phabao & The Jays 4:57 African Man EP 2013
Everybody Needs Somebody
to Smoke Ganja
Jazz K Lipa 3:54 Street Jam Vol 3  2013
Tombouctou Habib Koité & Eric Bibb  4:02 Brothers in Bamako 2012
With My Maker I Am One Habib Koité & Eric Bibb  4:26 Brothers in Bamako 2012
Goin’ Down The Road
Feelin’ Bad
Habib Koité & Eric Bibb  4:00 Brothers in Bamako 2012
And It Stoned Me Van Morrison 4:34 Still On Top –
The Greatest Hits 
Into The Mystic Van Morrison 3:31 Still On Top –
The Greatest Hits 
Moondance Van Morrison 4:33 Still On Top –
The Greatest Hits 
Tralee trembles Alias Ron Kavana 5:18 For the Children – Irish Ways 1990
Johnny Terry Woods 4:19 For the Children – Irish Ways 1990
Irish Ways Shane MacGowan 5:21 For the Children – Irish Ways 1990
Aloha Ka Manini Gabby Pahinui 2:34 Gabby Pahinui
Hawaiian Band, Vol. 1
Moani Ke’ala Gabby Pahinui 2:45 Gabby Pahinui
Hawaiian Band, Vol. 1
Wuroman Siva Pacifica 3:58 Last Voices From Heaven 2004
Taria Waraku Siva Pacifica 4:57 Last Voices From Heaven 2004
Helena Mambo Rollee McGil 2:26 Jukebox Mambo 2012
Cool Caravan The Rhythm Cats 2:02 Jukebox Mambo 2012
Louisiana Percy Mayfield 2:06 Jukebox Mambo 2012
I Want To Thank You Grant Phabao &
The Silvertones
5:02 Keep On Rolling 2013
Better Must Come Grant Phabao &
The Silvertones
4:38 Keep On Rolling 2013
Sufferer’s Child Grant Phabao &
The Silvertones
3:26 Keep On Rolling 2013
Voodoo Mon Amour Diablo Swing Orchestra 4:31 Pandoras Pinata 2012
Down In The Boondocks Ry Cooder 3:49 Running For Jesus 70s
Running For Jezus Ry Cooder 4:19 Running For Jesus 70s
Why Don’t You Try Me Ry Cooder 4:59 Borderline 1980
Chaos Boogie Tony Joe White 5:38 The Heroines 2004
Mande (Griotmix) Mr Raoul K 7:45 Mande CD1 2012
Salty Dog Marvin Phillips 2:07 Jukebox Mambo 2012
Los Chucos Suaves Lalo Guerrero 3:04 Jukebox Mambo 2012
Less Fortunate King Porter Stomp 3:24 The Shuffle 2012
The Last Bat Train To Cuba King Porter Stomp 4:40 The Shuffle 2012

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