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It’s only February and we have seen great music released in rapid succession. Agogo Records Savages y Suefo "World Style" and Out Here Records Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba "Jama Ko" are already in my books as album of the year! February 6 marks the 1840 signing of the Treaty of Waitangi – New Zealand’s founding document. Waitangi Day was first officially commemorated in 1934, and has been a public holiday since 1974. Official celebrations at Waitangi commence at the Te Tii marae, where political dignitaries are welcomed onto the marae to hear speeches from the local iwi / tribe. These speeches often deal with the issues of the day, and vigorous and robust debate occurs. Communities throughout New Zealand celebrate Waitangi Day in a variety of ways, often with public concerts and festivals. Some maraes hold open days that offer educational experiences promoting Māori culture and protocol. Since Waitangi Day is also Bob Marley’s birthday, reggae music is especially popular at concerts. My preview of Waitangi Day is an hour of great music by Wai, Toni Huata, Maisey Rika, Huia Hamon and The Yoots. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our World Our Style Savages y Suefo 3:34 Worldstyle 2013
Ballroom Breakers Savages y Suefo 4:23 Worldstyle 2013
Baby Gone Savages y Suefo 4:41 Worldstyle 2013
Sinaly Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba 3:37 Jama Ko 2013
Dankou Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba 3:48 Jama Ko 2013
Madou Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba 3:44 Jama Ko 2013
Blani Alhawa Hassan Erraji 4:25 Awal Mara 2010
Haili Ayouma Hassan Erraji 4:33 Awal Mara 2010
Douka Dance Hassan Erraji 3:05 Awal Mara 2010
Allah Lako Diabel Cissokho 3:20 Kanabory Siyama 2012
Karambaya Diabel Cissokho 6:00 Kanabory Siyama 2012
Lambé Diabel Cissokho 4:08 Kanabory Siyama 2012
Sodia Mamadou Barry 4:31 Niyo 2009
Niyo Mamadou Barry 6:48 Niyo 2009
Sedy Mamadou Barry 3:06 Niyo 2009
Tequila Man Savages y Suefo 4:25 Worldstyle 2013
En La Orilla Del Danuvio Savages y Suefo 4:31 Worldstyle 2013
Black Cat Jive Savages y Suefo 3:46 Worldstyle 2013
Unuttun Mu Beni Sezen Aksu 4:10 Öptüm 2011
Ah Felek Yordun Beni Sezen Aksu 7:24 Öptüm 2011
Kaçiricam Seni… Sezen Aksu 4:31 Öptüm 2011
Kensogni Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba 4:24 Jama Ko 2013
Djadje Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba 3:07 Jama Ko 2013
Poye Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba 6:04 Jama Ko 2013
Carnaval de San Lorenzo
de Tarapaca
Pascuala Ilabaca 4:42 Busco Paraíso 2012
The Chosen
(Tru Thoughts Recordings)
Menagerie 6:09 Label Love Vol. 5:
The Jazz Edition
Talibé Ismael Lo 4:19 Rough Guide to Senegal 2013
No Guns To The Wedding Fanfare Tirana meets
Transglobal Underground
4:32 Kabatronics 2013
Maranga Ake Ai Wai 3:07 Ora 2010
Fai Fai Malie Wai 4:06 Ora 2010
Tirama Wai 3:22 Ora 2010
Breathe Toni Huata 3:28 Hopukia 2012
AIO Toni Huata 3:14 Hopukia 2012
Arise Toni Huata 3:40 Hopukia 2012
Hopukia te tao Toni Huata 2:59 Hopukia 2012
Toku Reo Toni Huata 5:14 Hopukia 2012
Ka Noho Nei Huia Hamon 3:42 Huia’s Waiata 2012
Ua Huia Hamon 3:55 Huia’s Waiata 2012
Waiata Poipoi Huia Hamon 3:06 Huia’s Waiata 2012
Karakia Timatanga Maisey Rika 0:27 Whitiora 2012
Haumanu feat. Tama Waipara Maisey Rika 3:57 Whitiora 2012
Ohomairangi Maisey Rika 2:49 Whitiora 2012
Pumau Tonu Maisey Rika 2:36 Whitiora 2012
Karakia Whakakapi Maisey Rika 1:25 Whitiora 2012
E Papa Waiari The Yoots 3:04 Sing Along With The Yoots 2011
Hoki Mai The Yoots 3:48 Sing Along With The Yoots 2011
Nga iwi e The Yoots 3:47 Sing Along With The Yoots 2011

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