Navigator Sunday January 6, 2013 Playlist 6-9pm

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Happy New Year must open the Navigator show. It’s from a free sample from UrbanWorld Records, which includes a track from my Barcelona friends Los Chicos Altos. From the great Mangrove records in Noumea, Kanaky tracks by "Dick & Hnatr" and "We Ce Ca". I got stuck in Lubbock Texas with the great Terry Allen, an independent artist working since 1966 in a wide variety of media including musical and theatrical performances, sculpture, painting, drawing and video, and installations which incorporate any and all of these media. He will release a brandnew album this month, so here we have a taster of what to expect, a ONE HOUR tribute. After that i couldn’t get away from the country roots..Willie Nelson, Taj Mahal, Dr John, Ricky Scaggs and Tony Joe White. While before that tracks from the free Budabeat net label in Hungary, new releases Iva Lamkum and Indigo Jam Unit……Enjoy!

Happy New Year
(For The Very First Time)
Copia Doble Systema &
2:35 UrbanWorld NewYears Compilation 2013
DubCantrell Dub Piraten 4:02 UrbanWorld NewYears Compilation 2013
Cumbia Para Bailar SuperPendejos love
Paco Silva & la Tropa Colombiana
4:18 UrbanWorld NewYears Compilation 2013
Bankrupt Visa Iva Lamkum 4:45 Black Eagle 2012
Blue Moscow Iva Lamkum 3:25 Black Eagle 2012
Peekaboo Indigo Jam Unit 4:59 Rebel 2012
Be In M.W.D. 5:28 Singing Forest [Budabeats] 2008
Shis Kebab 
(Ali Baba Et Ses 4 Voleurs)
Solo Moderna 3:17 UrbanWorld NewYears Compilation 2013
Fum Fum Fum Los Chicos Altos 3:22 UrbanWorld NewYears Compilation 2013
Nekojajiny des iles Dick & Hnatr 3:42 Angaishola 2012
Ta menengue Dick & Hnatr 5:02 Angaishola 2012
Se Gua Nata Dick & Hnatr 3:59 Angaishola 2012
Chaper We Ce Ca 3:15 Kolo Ini Mama Tim 2012
Waavaene We Ce Ca 3:36 Kolo Ini Mama Tim 2012
Balkan Reggae
(Mahala Rai Banda vs. Jstar)
Mahala Rai Banda 3:33 Balkan Reggae (Mahala Rai Banda vs. Jstar) 2012
Oh Que Misterio El Misterioso
Misterio De Dance Misterio
Mojarras 2:32 Jerks from the garage [Budabeats] 2011
Santa Leone Pajaro 3:04 Jerks from the garage [Budabeats] 2011
Flatland Boogie Terry Allen 5:33 Best Of The Sugarhill Years 2007
Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy Terry Allen 5:00 Best Of The Sugarhill Years 2007
New Dehli Freight Train Terry Allen 7:24 Best Of The Sugarhill Years 2007
Amarillo Highway Terry Allen 3:53 Best Of The Sugarhill Years 2007
The Doll Terry Allen 6:22 Best Of The Sugarhill Years 2007
Truckload Of Art Terry Allen 5:19 Best Of The Sugarhill Years 2007
X-mas On The Isthmus Terry Allen 3:14 Best Of The Sugarhill Years 2007
Cajun Roll Terry Allen 3:39 Smokin’ The Dummy 1992
Cocaine Cowboy Terry Allen 3:05 Smokin’ The Dummy 1992
Roll, Truck, Roll Terry Allen 5:04 Smokin’ The Dummy 1992
Texas Tears Terry Allen 4:16 Smokin’ The Dummy 1992
The Heart of California
(for Lowell George)
Terry Allen 4:34 Smokin’ The Dummy 1992
Whatever Happened to Jesus
(and Maybeline)?
Terry Allen 4:41 Smokin’ The Dummy 1992
Billy the boy Terry Allen 8:53 Salivation 1999
Revolution Dr John 3:25 Locked Down 2012
Black Man, Brown Man Taj Mahal 3:52 Maestro 2008
Further On Down The Road Taj Mahal 4:47 Maestro 2008
Zanzibar Taj Mahal 5:52 Maestro 2008
On the Road Again Willie Nelson 2:34 The Essential Willie Nelson 2003
Graceland Willie Nelson 4:46 The Essential Willie Nelson 2003
Tennessee Stud
(Tribute to Doc Watson)
Ricky Skaggs 4:00 Music to My Ears 2012
Swamp stomp Pedigree cuts 2:34 Remix Boutique (PED_F011) 2009
Wish I had Pedigree cuts 2:22 Remix Boutique (PED_F011) 2009
Hillbilly Hardcore Pedigree cuts 1:51 Remix Boutique (PED_F011) 2009
Chaos Boogie Tony Joe White 5:38 The Heroines 2004
Ice Cream Man Tony Joe White 4:28 The Heroines 2004
Ball of Confusion
That’s What the World Is Today)
The Temptations 4:06 The Definitive Collection 2008
4 Caminos Indigo Jam Unit 5:17 Rebel 2012

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