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Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth:
A Rough Guide To The World

Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth: A Rough Guide To The World

Make the most of your time on earth by tuning into the music of the world’s most breathtaking travel destinations. With thirty tracks from leading artists across the globe this Rough Guide special is the ideal soundtrack to inspire your next adventure. 

Whether you’re an armchair traveller or looking to plan your next adventure, this triple CD box-set (priced at the normal RPP of one Rough Guide) is a fantastic snapshot of music from around the globe. Released in conjunction with the new book, Make the Most of Your Time on Earth: A Rough Guide To The World (sold separately), this collection features one disc of music from the Americas, one from Africa and one from Europe and Asia.

The Americas disc features music from Andy Palacio, the inventor of the Central American 1990s dance genre punta-rock, tango from the septuagenarian Dino Saluzzi, Chicago slide-guitar from the mighty R L Burnside, along with music from the Grammy Award winning Gillian Welch and other talented performers.

On the African disc, former Fela Kuti cohort and reputed inventor of Afrobeat, Tony Allen features alongside the likes of Somalian-Ethiopian songbird Saba, and the Berber performer and songwriter Akli D. Akli D’s track is taken from an album produced by the international recording star and producer Manu Chao.

The disc highlighting Europe and Asia’s myriad musical traditions showcases the new-generation Portuguese fado singer Cristina Branco, the Scottish Celtic eight-piece band Capercaillie, the cult Sicilian brass band Banda Ionica and the astonishingly soulful voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Khan can be credited for bringing qawwali (Sufi devotional music) to the world’s attention.e the most of your time on earth by tuning into the music of the world’s most breathtaking travel destinations. With thirty tracks from leading artists across the globe this Rough Guide special is the ideal soundtrack to inspire your next adventure.

The Rough Guide To Lucky Dube

(Rough Guide, RGNET1079)

The Rough Guide CD series continues its exploration of the works of world music’s seminal artists with this collection of the hits of South African reggae star, Lucky Dube. Lucky Dube is the master of African reggae and one of the continent’s most popular and successful artists. This compilation brings together his greatest tracks and is essential listening for established fans and newcomers alike.

The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Indian Ocean

(Rough Guide, RGNET1086)

Over thousands of years, a constant traffic of outriggers, junks, dhows and galleons rode the monsoon winds of the Indian Ocean. Small wonder, then, that the cultural blends of the Indian Ocean islands are so unique and multifaceted. From the segá of Mauritius, the salegy of Madagascar, La Réunion’s maloya and the Arab influenced Zanzibar, to the hip-hop and reggae sounds that have penetrated the region, this album provides an exposé of the variety and depth of culture of the islands.

The Rough Guide to Latin-Arabia

New Releases

San Francisco (California), USA – The Rough Guide to Latin Arabia (RGNET1175CD) journeys to the little known but highly musical region of Latin-Arabia, located somewhere between Cairo and Havana. Here, it explores the long-standing influence of Latin music on the Arab world and similarly, the imprint of Arabic music on Latin America.

The connections run deep: from the Nubian sounds of ‘Mambo el Soudani’ by Salamat to the Spanish and North African music of Benjamín Escoriza, the voice of Radio Tarifa. The album includes collaborations between musicians from the two regions including Algeria’s Maurice El Medioni and Roberto Rodriguez as well as Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Flamenco legend Enrique Morente.

The Rough Guide to Latin Arabia fuses three of the most popular dance styles: belly dance, salsa and flamenco (including Flamenco rumba).

The Rough Guide to World Music: Africa and Middle East

Book Reviews


Compiled and edited by Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham and Jon Lusk with Duncan Clark


Published by Rough Guides, Distributed by The Penguin Group, ISBN-10: 1843535513

The third edition of The Rough Guide to World Music: Africa and Middle East, set to hit the streets on March 13, 2007, is a veritable pleasure cruise for the back porch music lover to the hardcore backpacking musician with a guitar slung over his shoulder. This chunky paperback tromps across the musical map from Algeria to Zimbabwe, from the Arab world to Turkey, riding the rails with traditional roots music pioneers and picking up cross-pollinating travelers along the way. Chocked full of engaging articles, discographies, playlists and photographs, this 656-page reference guide lures even the most casual of page flippers onto the musical landscapes of Africa and the Middle East.

Various Artists – Next Stop … Soweto Vol. 2: Soultown. R&B, Funk & Psych Sounds from the Townships 1969-1976

Strut continue their essential three-part excursion into the archives of South African music with the second volume of the ‘Next Stop… Soweto’ series.

With international forms of music discouraged by the South African authorities during the 1960s, township jive or mbaqanga arose as innovative artists combined close harmony singing and traditional African styles with a bouncy township beat. Imported US music became strictly the domain of house parties, private record collections and underground shebeens.

Despite this, a small but healthy soul scene flourished with bands like The Movers adding marabi elements into their funk and early disco sound, The Klooks and the Anchors all directly inspired by US soul and R&B and the Hammond organ of Booker T and Jimmy Smith. From ’69, a string of 3-minute blasts of energy surfaced on local labels like City Special, Soul Town, Atlantic City and Soul-Soul, often under the intimidating gaze of producer David Thekwane.


Volume 2 of Next Stop… Soweto also touches on mbaqanga and jazz artists who dabbled with soul and funk fusions during the early ‘70s – the Mgababa Queens and Mahotella Queens, and revered SA jazz combo The Heshoo Beshoo Group. We also feature a rare psychedelic track from one of the only recordings made of playwright Gibson Kente’s acclaimed theatre pieces, ‘Too Late’.

The Next Stop… Soweto series is the result of several years of painstaking research and vinyl archaeology in South Africa by compilers Duncan Brooker and Francis Gooding. The CD package features an extensive booklet featuring detailed notes by David Coplan, author of ‘In Township Tonight’, alongside many previously unseen archive photos.

Volume 3 coming soon: South African jazz 1960-1978


The Rough Guide To The Music Of Madagascar

(Rough Guide, RGNET1163)

Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, has incredible ethnic diversity and rich history. The Rough Guide To The Music Of Madagascar features music across the broad Malagasy spectrum – from the island’s spicy dance music to the purest music from the highlands. Featuring the valiha (a tubular bamboo zither) and lokanga (three-stringed fiddle), among other instruments specific to the island, this album explores the diverse Malagasy culture that has been influenced by Arab, Persian, Chinese, Indian and European societies over the years.

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