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It’s a dry Eastern. Need a drink and some rain. Best to do some African Griot Groove, Mambossa and Porca Troica. The Kaligola Disco Bar sounds like a good idea to break the drought. Gospel could do the trick, but perhaps we need the genius of Magnifico, Electro Blues, Love for Levon or a Dirty Dub Raindrop. I just keep trying from around this great planet. The only one we have and share all together. Better get along and thanks for the music. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer Amos Milburn 3:14 Electro Blues Vol 1 2013
Delerium Tremens Christy Moore 3:33 Ordinary Man 1985
Didn’t it rain The Golden Gate Quartet 4:52 The art of Electro Swing vol.2 2013
Ambita bakadaji Baba Sissoko 4:01 African Griot Groove 2012
Yala Baba Sissoko 5:45 African Griot Groove 2012
Afrika Afroblues (Remix)
[ft. DJ Khalab, Afrodisia Soundsystem]
Baba Sissoko 7:16 African Griot Groove 2012
A Great Delight Bebo Best &
The Super Lounge Orchestra
4:08 Mambossa 2013
The Hit and the Swing Bebo Best &
The Super Lounge Orchestra
3:58 Mambossa 2013
Dolce vita (Koko Chanel Remix) Bebo Best &
The Super Lounge Orchestra
3:59 Mambossa 2013
El guateque de los muertos Cromatica Pistona 2:10 Porca Troica 2012
A juego con tus tirantes Cromatica Pistona 4:32 Porca Troica 2012
Apaga la luz Cromatica Pistona 4:50 Porca Troica 2012
24000 Baci
(Cafe de Calaveras Remix)
Kaligola Disco Bazar 3:15 Remixed 2013
Fanfara Tigre (Dj Stanbul Remix) Kaligola Disco Bazar 4:21 Remixed 2013
Porn Corn Kaligola Disco Bazar 5:28 Kaligola EP 2012
Shadoorack Stereo Express 3:08 Electro Blues Vol 1 2013
Blues Soup Monetrik 4:06 Electro Blues Vol 1 2013
Zum Zum Magnifico 3:20 Magnification Bonus Version 2010
Amore Magnifico 4:16 Magnification Bonus Version 2010
iThink Magnifico 4:39 Magnification Bonus Version 2010
Cumbia Insomnia (Rough mix) Maguaré 3:49 Cumbia Insomnia 7" 2013
Jungle Fever Maguaré 4:10 Cumbia Insomnia 7" 2013
Ndinewe Monoswezi 4:51 The Village 2013
Antina Mounira Mitchala 3:56 Chili Houritki 2012
The Good Ship Kangaroo Planxty 4:33 After The Break 1979
The Pursuit Of Farmer Michael Hayes Planxty 6:11 After The Break 1979
Smeceno Horo Planxty 4:34 After The Break 1979
Mr. Debonair (Fab Samperi Remix) Skeewiff 3:33 Man Turns Animal Remixed 2013
Stay In The Groove
(Kenny Dope Pt.2)
The Dap-Kings feat
Rickey Calloway
3:40 Stay In The Groove / I’m In Love  2013
Do That Thing The Gaff 2:49 Do That Thing EP 2013
Under The Sun The Gaff 3:03 Do That Thing EP 2013
Tribute To Hank The Gaff 3:28 Do That Thing EP 2013
Snake Charmer
(feat Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious))
The Mighty Mocambos &
Gizelle Smith
3:08 Chateau Soulbeats 2011
Bump And Hustle Music
(Zernell and Rahaan Edit)
Tommy Stewart 9:15 Luv N’Haight Edit Series Vol.2 2012
Oh What! Voodoocuts 3:27 Juice Vol.1 2013
Hidee Hi Hidee Ho Magnifico 2:56 Magnification Bonus Version 2010
Hir ai kam, hir ai go Magnifico 2:58 Magnification Bonus Version 2010
Giv mi mani 2 Magnifico 3:10 Magnification Bonus Version 2010
Rain Drop (Dirty Dubsters Remix) DJ Tzinas 4:55 Rain Drop [Deadly Warrior]
[feat. Bass Nacho]
Feelin’ You Feelin’ Me Grant Phabao & AFRODYETE 5:51 Itchin’ For Your Love 2013
The King Of Jokes
(Parlee-Vu Gipsy? Remix)
Kaligola Disco Bazar 3:24 Remixed 2013
Trouble in Mind Jorma Kaukonen &
Barry Mitterhoff
4:37 Love For Levon 2013
This Wheel’s on Fire The Levon Helm Band 5:05 Love For Levon 2013
Hound Dog Big Mama Thornton 2:51 Electro Blues Vol 1 2013
St. Brendan’s Voyage Christy Moore 4:45 Ordinary Man 1985
Matue Tue Monoswezi 2:52 The Village 2013

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