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I’m still buzzing from Rock on the Rocks last saturday. Stay with the theme and given it is sunday Ray Wylie Hubbard – The Grifter’s Hymn. Fantastic tracks from Turntables on the Hudson presents Las Ramblas sampler, NYC and Barcelona at its best. On Jazzman records DJ Liam Large digs even deeper to put together a diverse set of dynamite R&B sides, all built around Afro-Cuban, Latin and Caribbean rhythms. Warm up with Womad 2013 Antibalas on the Daptone label. The obligoraty German contribution with Rotfront and Diazpora……….. and much more. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cross Roads Shunsuke Kimura and
Etsuro Ono
5:29 Duo 2009
Les Flammes D’Enfer Alligator Gumbo 3:02 Lacassine Special 2012
Los Chucos Suaves Lalo Guerrero 3:04 Jukebox Mambo 2012
Ari Degbe Antibalas 6:43 Antibalas 2012
Ibeji Antibalas 6:16 Antibalas 2012
Sare Kon Kon Antibalas 8:07 Antibalas 2012
Toca Flute
(Sabo Moombahton edit)
Carlos Barbosa & Blasterjaxx 5:27 Turntables On The Hudson
Presents Las Ramblas Sampler
Palenque Barcelona Los Chicos Altos vs Palo Q’Sea 5:22 Turntables On The Hudson
Presents Las Ramblas Sampler
No Soy Del Valle
(Nickodemus & Zeb remix)
Flowering Inferno 5:10 Turntables On The Hudson
Presents Las Ramblas Sampler
Moscow Mule Diazpora 3:35 Session II 2012
New Beginning Diazpora 3:22 Session II 2012
High Times Diazpora 4:35 Session II 2012
Imperial Sugar Free Radicals 1:05 The Freedom Fence 2012
Mosaico Zapatista Free Radicals 4:15 The Freedom Fence 2012
Ben Taub Blues Free Radicals 5:48 The Freedom Fence 2012
No State Solution Free Radicals 4:59 The Freedom Fence 2012
Liza Gilzene/Blue Light Mento Band 3:52 Sweet Sweet Jamaica 2009
Tu Fin, Mi Comienzo
(Grant Phabao Remix)
Ocote Soul Sounds 5:39 Coconut Rock Deluxe Edition 2009
Justo Betancourt Pa’ Bravo Yo 3:45 Fania Records 1964-1980 2012
Prenda Del Alma Los Lobos 3:21 By The Light Of The Moon 1987
La Venganza de Los Pelados
(ft. Cafe Tacuba)
Los Lobos 4:51 The Ride 2004
Wicked Rain-Across 110th St
(ft. Bobby Womack)
Los Lobos 8:14 The Ride 2004
Ask God Ray Wylie Hubbard 3:30 The Grifter’s Hymnal 2012
Coochy Coochy Ray Wylie Hubbard 3:24 The Grifter’s Hymnal 2012
Henhouse Ray Wylie Hubbard 4:28 The Grifter’s Hymnal 2012
Steamy Windows Tony Joe White 3:58 Collected 2012
Bunkhouse Theme Bob Dylan 2:15 Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid 1973
Mreïmida Malouma 3:38 Dunya 2003
Lebleïda Malouma 6:18 Dunya 2003
Music Weh Dem Wan
(Original Version)
Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger 5:50 Music Weh Dem Wan
(Blend Mishkin Remix)
Revolution Disco Rotfront 3:31 VisaFree 2011
James Bondski Rotfront 3:10 VisaFree 2011
Backsteinpulver Rotfront 2:22 VisaFree 2011
That Kind Of Feeling feat.
Pat Appleton
Los Tarantos (Sujinho remix) Nickodemus 9:36 Turntables On The Hudson
Presents Las Ramblas Sampler
Subway Joe Joe Bataan 2:55 Fania Records 1964-1980 2011
Dakar, Punto Final Johnny Pacheco 3:43 Fania Records 1964-1980 2011
Boppin’ With The Mambo Sultans 2:33 Jukebox Mambo 2012
Bobby Valentin Use It Before You Lose It 3:01 Fania Records 1964-1980 2011
Quimbara Celia Cruz 4:49 Fania Records 1964-1980 2011
Salty Dog Marvin Phillips 2:07 Jukebox Mambo 2012
(Sittin On)
The Dock Of The Bay
Para 4:02 Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay
/ The Night That Stole My Mind
Turkey Chase Bob Dylan 3:34 Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid 1973
New Year’s Eve At The
Gates Of Hell
Ray Wylie Hubbard 3:29 The Grifter’s Hymnal 2012

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