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Various Artists Afro-Beat Airways: West African Shock Waves – Ghana & Togo 1972-1978

A resurgence of interest in Afrobeat, a 70s blend of traditional African music, jazz, highlife and American funk, has seen a very welcome string of reissues in recent times – not least the current airing of the entire 45-album run of the movement’s undisputed figurehead, Fela Kuti. Frankfurt label Analog Africa, however, are taking the path more seldom trod, focusing on some of the more obscure outfits and local scenes on compilations like 2009’s Legends of Benin and 2008’s rawer, psychedelic African Scream Contest.

That West African Shock Waves exists at all is testament to Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb’s diligent detective work. Finding himself in Accra, Ghana following a flight mix-up, he used the opportunity to meet up with producer Dick Essilfie-Bonzie, owner of the Ghanaian indie imprint Essiebons Records. Essilfie-Bonzie, it transpired, was in the process of blowing the dust off his back catalogue. So, the bulk of this compilation comes from a warehouse of reel-to-reel tapes recorded in the 70s in Ghana and Togo, supposedly owned by PolyGram West Africa but never claimed; the sort of blunder that, judged in these more enlightened times, is up there with the BBC recording over the master tapes of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.


Erika & Emigrante

Erika Serre is a Gypsy singer who was noticed quite a while ago by two film-makers, Tony Gatlif and Emir Kusturica. This Parisian of Hungarian origin,  knows how to surround herself with people : featured musicians on the Emigrante band include Gypsy and French musicians, a tabla player from  Rajhastan, a jazzman, a bass player from Cameroon and some off-the-wall musicians like the drummer Buj or the Syrian-Sicilian guitar player Serge Leonardi who seals the wholeness of these brilliant compositions.

King Midas Sound

King Midas Sound is formed from the collaboration of  Kevin "The Bug" Martin and Trinidadian poet and singer Roger Robinson. They produce a dub soul sound, the intelligent poetry is carried by Robinson’s rich, atmospheric voice.

A Radio Fazuma humildemente apresenta … Batida – Dance Mwangolé

"Batida" is the name of all the illegal compilations that are sold in the streets of Luanda, mostly focusing on kuduro, rap and kizomba. "Batida" is also the name of DJ Mpula’s weekly radio show on a Portuguese radio, Antena 3. This DJ promotes Afro inspired urban music, such as kwaito, kuduro, and baile funk. He also records artists from Angola. He is the originator of the "Batida – Dance Mwangolé" project !

Manou Gallo

Manou N’Guessan Gallo is a singer who also plays the bass and percussion instruments. Born in the village of Divo and raised by her grandmother, she first tasted success at the age of 12 at a show put on by friends. The start of her career ensued at Abidjan, before moving to Europe to join up with Belgian group, Zap Mama. Nowadays, Manou Gallo records under her real name, producing songs in dida, french and english.

Comfusoes (Compilation)

"Comfusoes" is a project that takes Angolan pop from the 60’s and 70’s to Brazil’s most exciting producers of today. The result is a collection of fresh remixes of songs by legendary singers like Teta Lando, Bonga or Artur Nunes. This compilation is the result of the work of Mauricio Pacheco, a producer who worked with artists such as Fernando Abreu and the Capoeira Hip-Hop band Stereo Maracana, as well as Paulo Flores, Elias Diá Kimuezo (the king of Angolan Semba music) and Kuduro star Dog Murras.

Acquaragia Drom

The ‘Acquaragia Drom’ offers, on each of its apparition and each of its recording, a journey deep into the heart of the Italian gypsy culture and to a larger extent Mediterranean. This brass band not only plays tracks that are inspired by the tradition, the musicians also draw their inspiration from contemporary influences.




Navigator – Waiheke Radio – Sunday August 15, 2010 – 6 – 9 pm – Playlist
1 Uppers International – Dankasa – "Afro-Beat Airways" 2010 3:34
2 Rob – More – "Afro-Beat Airways" 2010  5:15
3 Toubab All Stars – Hang’Em High – "Mekfoul District" 2009 4:42
4 Mulatu Astatke – Mulatu’s Mood – "Mulatu Steps Ahead" 2010 5:56
5 Idrissa Soumaoro – Bèrèbèrè – "Djitoumou" 2010 5:19
6 Mariem Hassan – Ragsat Naama(Ostrich’s dance) – "Shouka" 2010 3:55
7 Manou Gallo – Nanan – "Lowlin" 2010 5:06
8 Manou Gallo – Flûte Ivoire – "Lowlin" 2010 4:10
9 Manou Gallo – Lowlin – "Lowlin" 2010 1:16
10 Los Lobos – Yo Canto – "Tin Can Trust" 2010 2:59
11 Los Lobos – Do The Murray – "Tin Can Trust" 2010 3:35
12 Los Lobos – Mujer Ingrata – "Tin Can Trust" 2010 2:45
13 Wyza – Mae (Mauricio Pacheco & Berna Ceppas mix) – "Comfusoes" 2009  3:23
14 Luis Visconde & Alvarito – Chofer de Praça (Mauricio Pacheco mix) – "Comfusoes" 2009  4:28
15 Paulinho Pinheiro – Merengue rebita (DJ Dolores mix) – "Comfusoes" 2009  4:13
16 Batida – Puxa! – "A Radio Fazuma humildemente apresenta … Batida – Dance Mwangolé" 2009 4:01
17 Batida – Korimabas Gruvi – "A Radio Fazuma humildemente apresenta … Batida – Dance Mwangolé" 2009 2:58
18 Batida – Yumbala – "A Radio Fazuma humildemente apresenta … Batida – Dance Mwangolé" 2009 3:32
1 Erika & Emigrante – Johnny, Tu N’es Pas Un Ange – "Tziganes from Mars" 2009 4:18
2 Erika & Emigrante – Mando – "Tziganes from Mars" 2009 3:49
3 Erika & Emigrante – Yallah – "Tziganes from Mars" 2009 3:41
4 Ebo Taylor & The Sweet Beans – Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara – "Afro-Beat Airways" 2010  9:36
5 K.Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas – Me Yee Owu Den – "Afro-Beat Airways" 2010  8:45
6 King Midas Sound – Earth a Killya – "Waiting For You" 2009 4:47
7 Acquaragia Drom – 24.000 Baci – "Rom Kaffe" 2008 2:51
8 Acquaragia Drom – Foulitchay – "Rom Kaffe" 2008 3:49
9 Acquaragia Drom – Mafia – "Rom Kaffe" 2008 3:55
10 Batida – Cuca – "A Radio Fazuma humildemente apresenta … Batida – Dance Mwangolé" 2009 4:00
11 Batida – Bazuka – "A Radio Fazuma humildemente apresenta … Batida – Dance Mwangolé" 2009 3:51
12 Batida – Alegria – "A Radio Fazuma humildemente apresenta … Batida – Dance Mwangolé" 2009 3:35
13 Pax Nicholas And The Nettey Family – Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef – "Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef" 2009 11:48
14 Erika & Emigrante – Te Vas Sukarije – "Tziganes from Mars" 2009 4:35
15 Toubab All Stars – Cumbia Te Quiero – "Mekfoul District" 2009 4:27


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