New Show Producers Threaten Walk Out Over Justin Bieber

Written by on October 31, 2013

This morning producers of Waiheke Radio’s new Monday Morning show’Wakey Wakey Waiheke’ threatened to walk off the job if Justin Bieber remained on the show playlist.

Insiders say tensions between show producers and host Cujimi came to breaking point this morning when it was revealed that there was due to be a weekly 30min Justin Bieber ‘best songs’ segment on the show. Producers said it was lunacy having dead air for 30min and refused to continue work on the programme unless it was declaired a Justin Bieber free zone. They gave a dealine of 5pm Saturday Nov 2nd for all of the show’s Justin Bieber mp3’s and cd’s to be handed over to WR inspectors for safe destruction.

Negotiations are continuing with resolution hoped for before the launch of the show which was due on Nov 4 at 7am.

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