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    MIND DE-CODER 11 (12-05-10) “For it has roused a longing in me that is pain, and nothing seems worthwhile but just to hear that sound once more and go on listening to it forever…” JULEE CRUISE      UP IN FLAMES Back when Twin Peaks was first on, Julee Cruise was the girl for me. […]

MIND DE-CODER 9 (15-04-10) “I’ll play my flute, if you’ll play your lute, and we’ll dance and make merry all day…” ALEISTER CROWLEY      THE POET The Great Beast himself introducing tonights show with a poem taken from a special selection of wax cylinder recordings made between 1910-1914, and made available in 2001 as THE GREAT […]

MIND DE-CODER 8 (08-04-10) “…i might say no,no,no but do it again” THE CHRISTIAN ASTRONAUTS      PREPARE TO FIRE Taken from the album BEYOND THE BLUE, a home-made album by the Shoup family in 1971 – it’s my favourite Christian kiddie record ever, featuring all members of the Shoup family and a seven foot cardboard robot […]

  MIND DE-CODER 7 (01-04-10) ”Now that’s what I call a guitar solo…!!!” EDEN AHBEZ      FULL MOON Eden Ahbez was a hippy some 20 years before the term was invented. Living a bucolic life from at least the 1940s, he traveled in sandals and wore shoulder-length hair and beard, and white robes. He camped out […]

MIND DE-CODER 6 (25-03-10) “Would you like some sweets, Willy?” KATE BUSH      INTERLUDE Taken from her most recent album, ARIEL, released in 2005. Regretably, the rest of the album didn’t sound like this. MAGNET (feat. LESLEY MACKIE)      WILLOW’S SONG Possibly the most beautiful bit of music I own. This has been covered by loads of […]

MIND DE-CODER 5 “Just relax…keep it cool..and let your head go where it really wants to.” (18-03-10) FORTYONE      BUCKETS Crazy-super-magical-funtime-goodness from cut-and-paste genius Fortyone. This track is taken from the CD NO MORE MAYONAISSE, which is available for free, along with 29 other CDs, simply by writing to him at It’s a bit like […]

MIND DE-CODER 4(11-03-10) "Smile…the experience begins…" SPACEMEN 3      COME DOWN SOFTLY TO MY SOULThis mesmerising track offers a gentle introduction to tonight’s show. This is taken from their third album, PLAYING WITH FIRE, released in 1988, an album that got me through my bed-sit days (along with The Smiths, obviously). By turns gentle, numbed-out and […]

MIND DE-CODER SHOW 2 (Broadcast 25-02-10) A slightly poppish variation of the show before it all turns mental next week.   JULIAN COPE     KOLLY KIBBER’S BIRTHDAY The mighty Julian cope in full psychedelic mode with this radically different version of the song you’ll find on ‘World Shut Your Mouth’. This version comes from the ‘official’ […]

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February 19, 2010

         MIND DE-CODER 1                                     (Broadcast 18-02-10)                    ”Jimi Hendrix played his cock, man" AMON DUUL 1     LOVE IS PEACEThis track is taken from the album PARADIESWARTS DUUL (you’ll just have to imagine the umlauts over them U’s, my WordPad doesn’t want to know), released in 1970 as the fourth album from the politico-musical commune known […]

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March 31, 2009

Guest De-Coder: Countrymike.   Download ( right click, sweet as ..! )

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