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MIND DE-CODER 26 KIM FOWLEY     the trip (single, 1965) FORTYONE     bucket (‘no more mayonnaise’, 2003) TOMORROW     my white bicycle (single, 1967) FAUST     flashback caruso (‘the faust tapes’, 1972) MOON WIRING CLUB      tiffin time (‘shoes off and chairs away’, 2008) BONGWATER     mr. soul (‘the […]

Mind De-Coder 25 To listen to the show scroll to the bottom of the page To download a podcast of the show click here For a full track-listing and more check out the Mind De-Coder blogsite   SPACEMEN 3     come down softly to my soul (‘playing with fire’, 1988) ROLLING STONES     she’s a rainbow (‘their […]

To listen to the show check out the Mind De-Coder blogsite here   TAME IMPALA     be above it (‘lonerism’, 2012) THE SMOKE     my friend jack (alternate version) (1967) SYD BARRETT     no good trying (‘the madcap laughs’, 1969) DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR     what in the world??… (’25 o’clock’, 1987) FAUST     j’ai mal aux dents (‘the faust tapes’, […]

To listen to the show click here   JULIAN COPE     kolly kibber’s birthday (‘christ vs. warhol’, 2007) THE TICKLE     subway (single, 1967) ERIC ZANN     voolas (‘ouroborindra’, 2005) ANNE BRIGGS     blackwaterside (‘anne briggs’, 1971) WYRDSTONE     pucelancyrcan  (‘weirdlore: notes from the folk underground’, 2012) TWINK     dawn of majic (‘think pink’, 1970) THE OWL SERVICE     banks of the nile […]

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December 17, 2013

MIND DE-CODER 22 Oops – To listen to this show you’ll have to click here And check out Mind De-Coder on Facebook AMON DÜÜL 1     love is peace (‘para dieswärts düül’,1970) MOUNT VERNON ARTS LAB     broadcasting (‘e for experimental’, 2009) VASHTI BUNYAN     window over the bay (‘just another diamond […]

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December 10, 2013

MIND DE-CODER 29 LOVE LIVE LIFE + ONE     runnin’ free (‘love will make a better you’, 1971) BLACK SABBATH     sweet leaf (‘master of reality’, 1971) MGMT     i love you too, death (‘mgmt’, 2013) MONA AND MARIA     venus (‘my sun’, 2013) THE LIMIÑANAS     af3458 (‘crystal anis’, […]

OOPS – to listen to the show check out the Mind De-Coder blogsite here   THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA     the american metaphysical circus (‘the united states of america’, 1968) RED KRAYOLA     hurricane fighter plane/free form freak-out 2 (‘parable of arable land’, 1967) DJ FOOD VS. THE AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS don’t pray, […]

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November 12, 2013

JUNIOR PARKER     tomorrow never knows (‘love ain’t nothin’ but a business goin’ on’, 1971) PINK FLOYD     atom heart mother suite (excerpt) (‘atom heart mother’, 1970) THE TIME AND SPACE MACHINE     odyssey (‘volume 3’, 2010) PETER COOK AND DUDLEY MOORE     the l.s. bumble bee (single, 1967) ESQUIVEL   […]

Check out the Mind De-Coder blogsite here Like Mind De-Coder on Facebook THE A LORDS     dawn chorus  (‘same’, 2006) NATURE AND ORANISATION     introduction/wickerman song (‘beauty reaps the blood of solitude’, 1994) ADRIAN CORKER     bells and tape 1 (‘ the way of the morris’, 2011) SAND SNOWMAN     stained […]

MIND DE-CODER 16 Checkout the Mind De-Coder blogsite here Mind De-Coder on Facebook Listen to the show on Mixcloud   FREDERICK DELIUS summer night on a river THE A LORDS freohyll (‘the a lords’, 2011) ITHACA journey (‘a game for all who know’, 1972) SHELAGH McDONALD stargazer (‘stargazer’, 1972) POSITION NORMAL squeeze so (‘goodly time’, 2004) […]

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