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This week something a little different. Billy Crystal in his 2014 HBO one-man play ‘700 Sundays’ based on Billy’s comic memoir of the number of Sundays he and his brothers got to spend with their dad who was a jazz producer and record store owner before his death when Billy was 15. The play is […]

Tonight is another Bill Bailey night with his 2001 show Bewilderness. Recorded at the Grand Theatre, in Swansea, this stand-up special gives us a show full of Bill’s hilariously unfocused and scattered comedy stylings as well as his musical talents and somewhere in here we may hear from  Carol Vorderman and Richard Whiteley you never […]

This week well what a cast of comedians we’ve got coming up tonight. You’ll have a chance to hear Chris Rock, Louis C.K, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, Ralphie May, Bob Saget, Dane Cook, Eddie Murphy and possibly Frank Caliendo if we’ve time. so lets get into it it’s a stop start in places […]

This week we’ve another collection of comedy sketches from a who’s who of british comedy Josie Lawrence, Hugh Laurie, Harry Enfield, Ben Elton, Lee Evans, Robbie Coltrane, Patrick Marber, Jack Docherty and Hattie Hayridge. and we’ll give this an R16 rating we’ll there we are all over for another podcast. The comedy festival is on […]

This week we’ve a collection of comics talking about unsolicited advice. We’ve got Andi smith, Greg Behrendt, Doug Benson, Dace Attell, Ralphie May, Tammy Pescatelli, Brent Weinbach, Joe Rogan, Etta May, Brian Posehn, Bert Kreischer, Rodney Carrington, Victor Varnado, Al Madrigal, Aaron Karo and  Todd Barry and we’ll give this an R16 rating And a big thanks […]

This week we’ve a collection of Monty Python skits from across their lengthy career. Could be one of those love it or hate it shows, and we’ll give this an R16 rating. Saturday 18th next Waihekle Comedy Show Jamie Bowen headlining. Tickets $20 dollars on the door or $18 prepaid buy online HERE or by phoning […]

David Basham talks to rhiannon from Waiheke Library, Dougal and Richard from the Waiheke Comedy Club

This week is a grab bag of british comedians matt kirshen, ben elton, harry enfield jack docherty julian clary hugh laurie and possibly jo brand as well, we’ll see how time goes. Now content tonight should be ok for a R16 rating And we’re only three weeks away from the next Waiheke Comedy Show at […]

In this podcast we’ve got our next comedian’s choice with Richard Bull of the Waiheke Comedy Show and the Funnybones. Richard’s pick this week is for the great duo of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. Richard has selected some fabulous sketches for us and we’ll give this weeks show has a PG rating. Tickets are on sale […]

The Waiheke Comedy Show Podcast is a mix of Waiheke and nz comedy, international acts, conversations with comedians, insights into how comedians approach stand up and improv including members of the islands very own Waiheke Comedy Show.  And in tonight’s podcast, the second featuring Stewart Lee, we have the opportunity to hear Stewart discuss the […]

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