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Bret Simpson talks to Richard, Kim and Linda from the Waiheke Comedy Club about upcoming show Sorry I Haven’t A Clue

Yes a night with Peter Kay from the Top Of The Tower at Blackpool. Fabulous! Rating R16

Just For Laughs Uptown Comics 2005, A line up of great stand up comics together for a night in Canada. Fast paced comedy from master comedians.

A night with Azizi Ansari and his views on Family relationships and life in general and we’ll give tonights show an R16 rating

Full on R18 show featuring Oz comic Jim Jefferies Lots of strong language, sexual content… in this great netflix recorded show from earlier this year. Keep a listen out for his great piece on the NRA. Fantastic.

David Basham talks to Local Board chair Paul Walden, Lisa Garrity from Waiheke Comedy Club, and Merran Lawler from Direction Matiatia

Bill Bailey in his 2013 Qualmpeddler show. (PG rating on this one)¬†And e’s bringing his new show to NZ next month!

A night of stand up with the late Greg Giraldo and we’ll give this an R16 rating.

A night with Micky Flanagan in sunny Hackney with his 2013 show Back In The Game and we’ll give this an R16 rating.

Texas tonight for some stand up with Bill Bellamy and we’ll give this a R16 rating

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