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To mark New Zealand Music Month the Waiheke Library is hosting a series of live performances by Waiheke musicians. On Saturday 7 May Royal Fortune performed a set of New Zealand traditional songs and shanties, and told the stories behind them. Recorded by Waiheke Radio

Oops – until the Podcast button is fixed you’ll just have to listen to the show here Check out the Mind De-Coder blogsite here Like the show on Facebook here   ATTICUS ROSS     the black hole (‘love and mercy ost’, 2015) ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE AND THE COSMIC INFERNO     dance with space gypsy queen (‘doobie wonderland’, […]

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April 2, 2016

MIND DE-CODER 62 To listen to the show scroll to the bottom of the page For a full tracklisting check out the Mind De-Coder blogsite here Check out Mind De-Coder on Facebook   DR TIMOTHY LEARY you can be anyone this time round (‘you can be anyone this time around’, 1970) PAULINE OLIVEROS beautiful soop […]

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February 10, 2016

MIND DE-CODER 61 To listen to the show scroll to the bottom of the page To Download the show click here Check out the blogsite here Mind De-Coder on Facebook   KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN track 1 regionen i und ii (‘hymnen’, 1967-68) TIMOTHY LEARY what do you turn on when you turn on (‘you can be […]

Listen to the new Mind De-Coder promo here. The bit of music at the end is called Thursday by Country Joe and The Fish which I thought was nicely serendipitous and possibly subliminal what with the show playing out Thursday evening and all. Download Promo

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